Best star trackers for astrophotography 2023

One of the best star trackers for astrophotography, the Star adventurer mini composited in front of a starry sky landscape


The best star trackers for astrophotography have changed the scene forever by being able to counteract the rotation of our planet. It was only until a few years ago that a long exposure of more than about ten seconds caused stars to look like little streaks or blurs in your photos. That made it very difficult to extract much data from deep-sky objects such as nebulae but also from the Milky Way. Cue the invention of the star-tracker — in simple terms, it is a shrunken equatorial mount but designed for cameras instead of telescopes.

Like an equatorial mount, a star tracker needs to be aligned (often with the help of a smartphone app) with the north celestial pole (the star Polaris) in the northern hemisphere or the south celestial pole in the southern hemisphere. It then moves at a pace to keep your camera in sync with Earth’s rotation. That way it counteracts the rotation of the Earth and keeps the target object still in a composition, thus allowing blur-free long exposures.