The best lenses for astrophotography in 2023

best lenses for astrophotography


The best lenses for astrophotography are ideal tools for producing vivid, striking images of the stars and the night sky. It’s easy for photographers to be intimidated away from astrophotography, but the truth is that it’s easier than it looks, as long as you have the right gear. That means a sturdy tripod, a camera with a decent-sized sensor, and critically, a sharp, wide-angle lens with a wide maximum aperture.

We’ve dealt with the other two necessities in our guides to the best tripods and the best cameras for astrophotography – here, we’re focusing on the lens. It needs to be a wide-angle, in order to capture as much of the sky as possible, and so you’re looking at 14-20mm on a full-frame camera, 1-14mm on APS-C, or 7-10mm on Micro Four Thirds.