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Photography: Real And Imagined At The NGV A Huge And Dazzling Exhibition That Reexamines Our Thinking


(MENAFN- The Conversation) Photography is almost 200 years old and Photography: Real and Imagined at the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV) can be interpreted as an attempt to make sense of its history.

A huge and dazzling exhibition containing 311 photographs, the basic thesis of this exhibition is that some photographs record an actuality, others are purely a product of the photographer’s imagination, while many are a mixture of the two.

The parameters of the exhibition are determined, in part, by the holdings of the NGV collection and, in part, by the perspective adopted by the curator, the erudite and long-serving senior curator of photography at the NGV, Susan Van Wyk.

Mercifully, the curator has not opted for a linear chronological approach from daguerreotypes to digital, although both are included in the exhibition, but has devised 21 diverse thematic categories, for example light, environment, death, conflict, work, play and consumption.

Australian artists, international context

The categories have porous boundaries. Even with the assistance of the 420-page book catalogue, it is difficult to determine why Michael Riley’s profoundly moving photograph of a dead galah shown against the cracked earth belongs to the environment theme instead of death; why Rosemary Laing’s Welcome to Australia image of a detention camp belongs to movement, instead of being in community, conflict or narrative.

Installation view of Photography: Real & Imagined on display at The Ian Potter Centre: NGV Australia from October 13 2023 – February 4 2024. Photo: Lillie Thompson.

I felt that there was a perceived need to somehow organise the material, and the broad thematic structure allows the viewer to develop some sort of mega-narrative for the show.

There is also evident a desire to create an international context within which to display the work of Australian photographers.

It is indeed a very rich cross-section of Australian photographers assembled in this exhibition. This is not an Anglo-American construct of the history of photography; Australian photographers are presented together with New Zealanders and their Asian contemporaries.

Installation view of Photography: Real & Imagined on display at The Ian Potter Centre: NGV Australia from October 13 2023 – February 4 2024. Photo: Lillie Thompson.

Although the NGV boasts of having the first curatorial department of photography in any gallery in Australia, in the department’s 55-year history there remain serious lacunae in the collection.

For example, Russian constructivist photographers, including Aleksandr Rodchenko, who, as far as I am aware, in the NGV collection is represented by a single small booklet , but looms large in any account of the history of photography as presented by the British, European and American museums. Eastern European photographers are also generally underrepresented.

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Key moments, and surprises

This exhibition combines the iconic with the new and the unexpected.

The expected key moments in the history of photography are generally all present with the roll-call of names including Dora Maar, Man Ray, André Kertész, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Dorothea Lange, Eadweard Muybridge, Bill Brandt, Lee Miller and László Moholy-Nagy.

They are all included in the exhibition and are represented through their iconic pieces.

Henri Cartier Bresson, Juvisy, France 1938; printed 1990s. Gelatin silver photograph 29.1 x 43.9 cm (image). National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne. Purchased NGV Foundation, 2015. © Henri Cartier-Bresson / Magnum Photos. Photo: Nicholas Umek / NGV.

Henri Cartier Bresson’s Juvisy (1938), colloquially known as Sunday on the banks of the Marne, is an intentionally subversive image by this left-wing radical photographer.

This image, made at the height of the Great Depression, shows a victory by France’s popular left-wing government that legislated in 1936 the entitlement for French workers to have two weeks of paid vacation. Here the working class is enjoying a picnic at Juvisy, just to the south of Paris.

Dorothea Lange, Towards Los Angeles, California 1936; printed c. 1975. Gelatin silver photograph 39.6 x 39.1 cm (image); 40.8 x 50.5 cm (sheet). National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne. Purchased, 1975 © Library of Congress, FSA Collection. Photo: Predrag Cancar / NGV.

At about the same time, Dorothea Lange’s Towards Los Angeles, California (1936) contrasts the anguish of the unemployed trekking in search of work and a billboard advertising the comforts of train travel. An aphorism ascribed to her sums us much of her work:

Man Ray’s Kiki with African mask (1926) is one of the most famous photographs in the world, also known as Noire et blanche (Black and White). The surrealist artist juxtaposes the elongated face of his Muse and mistress, Kiki (Alice Prin), with her eyes closed with that of a black African ceremonial mask.

Man Ray, Kiki with African mask, 1926. Gelatin silver photograph 21.1 x 27.6 cm (image); 22.1 x 28.5 cm (sheet). National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne. Purchased through The Art Foundation of Victoria with the assistance of Miss Flora MacDonald Anderson and Mrs Ethel Elizabeth Ogilvy Lumsden, Founder Benefactors, 1983. © MAN RAY TRUST / ADAGP, Paris. Licensed by Copyright Agency, Australia. Photo: Helen Oliver-Skuse / NGV.

The photograph was controversial when it was first published and continues to be controversial to the present day.

There are also numerous modern classics in the exhibition, including Pat Brassington’s Rosa (2014), Polly Borlan’s Untitled (2018), from MORPH series 2018 and Robyn Stacey’s Nothing to see here (2019), that can all be viewed as edging into the realm of the uncanny. Beyond the façade of the familiar, we are invited to enter an unexpected world.

Installation view of Polly Borland’s Untitled 2018 from MORPH series 2018 on display in Photography: Real & Imagined at The Ian Potter Centre: NGV Australia from October 13 2023 – February 4 2024. Photo: Lillie Thompson. Reinterpreting our world

Photography’s reputation of creating a trustworthy facsimile of the real had long been eroded, even before the creation of digital software. There is an old adage,“paintings sometimes deceive, but photographs always lie” – precisely because there was a perception that they could not lie.

One of the most intriguing works in the exhibition is by the New Zealand-born photographer Patrick Pound, titled Pictures of people who look dead, but (probably) aren’t (2011–14). It is a sprawling installation of mainly found photographs where the audience is invited to create a life and death narrative.

Photography: Real and Imagined reexamines our thinking about the art of photography and explores photography’s ability to recreate and reinterpret our world.

Photography: Real and Imagined is at the Ian Potter Centre, National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne, until February 4 2024.

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The Conversation


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Shine Bright In Every Frame: Unveiling The Art Of Exquisite Jewellery Photography!


(MENAFN- IssueWire)

Manchester, England Oct 10, 2023 (Issuewire )

Clik Studios is a leading company in the world of professional photography and we are pleased to announce our latest project in the world of jewellery photography. With an obsession for perfection and attention to detail, Clik Studios presents a series of captivating images showcasing the exquisite craftsmanship of its never-before-seen jewelry. In today’s digital age, where visuals have unprecedented power, the importance of outstanding jewellery photography cannot be overstated. It’s not just about taking pictures. It is about immortalising the craftsmanship, elegance and intricate details that make each piece unique.

Clik Studios understands this essence and has assembled a team of skilled photographers dedicated to capturing every aspect and brilliance of jewelry. With a commitment to elegance, innovation and artistic expression, we are pleased to introduce our brand new collection and the talented photographers who bring our work to life in every image. We believe that jewelry is more than just an accessory; it is an expression of artistry and craftsmanship. Each piece in our collection tells a unique story, and capturing the essence of these stories through photography is an art in itself. We collaborated with some of the most experienced and creative photographers in the industry to bring our jewellery to life in captivating and inspiring ways.

The Art of Exquisite Jewellery Photography: A Fusion of Creativity and Precision

Jewellery photography is a delicate balance between art and technique. It requires an acute understanding of light, shadows, composition, and perspective to capture the intricate details and sparkle of each piece accurately. Our team of photographers possesses a keen eye for detail and an innate understanding of how to make jewellery shine in every frame.

Key Points of Our Jewellery Photography Journey:

  • Mastering the Play of Light: Our photographers understand the importance of lighting in jewellery photography. They experiment with natural and artificial light sources to find the perfect balance that highlights the brilliance of gemstones and metals.

  • Embracing Creative Composition: Beyond merely showcasing the jewellery, our photographers delve into the realm of creative composition. They skillfully arrange the pieces, incorporating elements from nature, architecture, and culture to create visually stunning compositions that evoke emotions and tell a story.

  • Highlighting the Craftsmanship: Each piece of jewellery in our collection is a testament to the skill and dedication of our artisans. Our photographers focus on capturing the intricate craftsmanship, highlighting the fine details that make our jewellery truly exceptional.

  • Celebrating Diversity: Our jewellery is designed to cater to a diverse range of tastes and preferences. Our photographers embrace diversity in their work, capturing the essence of cultural heritage and modern aesthetics, ensuring that our pieces resonate with customers from various backgrounds.

  • Setting New Trends: Through our photography, we aim not only to showcase our existing collection but also to set new trends in the world of jewellery. Our photographers experiment with innovative techniques and styles, pushing the boundaries of conventional jewellery photography.

Why choose Clik Studios for your jewellery photography needs?

1. Shining Expertise: Clik Studios has a team of experienced photographers who specialise in jewellery photography. Her expertise lies not only in the use of advanced photographic equipment but also in understanding the nuances of lighting, composition, and angle that enhance the beauty of each of her pieces.
2. Attention to detail: We believe that every gemstone, cut, and metal detail tells a story. Our photographers pay close attention to these subtleties, ensuring that each photo captures the essence of the jewellery and brings it to life for the viewer.
3. Cutting-edge technology: Clik Studios invests in cutting-edge technology, including high-resolution cameras and advanced editing software, to deliver images of unparalleled quality. Our commitment to leveraging the latest advances in photography ensures that your jewellery shines brightly in every image.

4. Customized Approach: We understand that every piece of jewellery is unique and so are your wishes. Clik Studios takes a personalised approach and works closely with jewellery designers, brands and retailers to realise their exact vision.
5. Exceptional Creativity: Our photographers are more than just professionals. They are artists with a strong eye for creativity. They go beyond traditional techniques and explore innovative angles and perspectives that add a unique touch to every photo.
About Clik Studio: Clik Studios is known for its commitment to excellence in photography. With a diverse portfolio ranging from fashion and products to events and portraiture, our studio prides itself on delivering stunning images that leave a lasting impression. Jewellery photography is our latest passion and we are dedicated to transforming precious pieces into timeless works of art. Clik Studios specialise in various genres of photography, including fashion, product, event, and even jewellery photography.

Meet our talented photographers:

Senior Photographer: Adele

Photographer/Retoucher: Adrian

Photographer: James S.

Join Us on This Artistic Journey:

We invite jewellery enthusiasts, photography aficionados, and everyone with an appreciation for art to join us on this mesmerising journey into the world of exquisite jewellery photography . Be prepared to be captivated by the brilliance of our jewellery and the artistry of our photographers.

For press inquiries, high-resolution images, or to arrange an interview with our photographers, please contact:

Call Now: 01616604108



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“King of the Ozarks” photography exhibit tells the story of a Black farmer in West Plains


“King of the Ozarks” is a series of pictures and interviews revolving around King Davis, an African American dairy farmer. It’s a document of his descendants, a deeply Ozarkian family, some of whom still live on the farm.

The photographer, Joyce McMurtrey, resides on a vineyard near Mountain Grove with her husband. She opened the Ozarks Studies Symposium in West Plains two weeks ago, and says that “King of the Ozarks” started as a way to meet her neighbors.

“I had heard stories about an African American man named King Davis. And everybody I worked with in the vineyard had a story about him,” she said. “And, as it turned out, his farm was six miles away from the farm that I currently live at.”

McMurtrey developed two ongoing picture projects before this one debuted in 2018: “Grapeography: a Year in the Life of a Missouri Vineyard” and “Ozark Women,” which will also be exhibited in West Plains in February and March of next year.

“King of the Ozarks” opened in September and runs through October 20 at the Gallery at the West Plains Civic Center. More information and a slideshow of the exhibit can be found on the West Plains Council on the Arts website.


Lea Black shares artistry behind photography


BISMARCK, ND (KXNET) One of the many talented photographers in the 701 is Lea Black. Black specializes in photographing women, particularly motherhood and boudoir photography. Her photography has a very distinctive style.

“I have a very extensive background in art, and the next natural step when I got to be about 15 was picking up a camera, and I was so excited because I could apply everything I learned in all my art classes, composition, lighting, all that, and the moment of taking the picture,” said Black.

Next week, Black will be releasing her winter offers, which include one-on-one sessions with mothers and their children. She also offers boudoir sessions. These sessions are artistic, empowering for women, and are done tastefully.

“I take an artistic approach, so I am more focused on the tasteful aspects of imagery rather than maybe provocative,” said Black.

Get more information from Lea Black Photography here and follow Lea Black Photography on Instagram.


Bengaluru’s Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath drives home a conservation message


The large photograph hanging on the wall of Hall 1 at the Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath (CKP) is a particularly endearing one. It depicts three tigers huddled close together, staring into the camera lens with unblinking amber eyes.

M. N. Jayakumar, the man behind the photo, recalls being in a particular part of the national park very early one day—around 6.15 in the morning—when he saw a tiger, Gowri, rush past them and disappear into the woods. They spent the next few hours circling around that block of the national park, he says, but could simply not spot her till much later in the morning, feeding on a sambar deer.

She wasn’t alone, but was accompanied by her four sub-adult cubs. “She had made the kill and gone rushing back to bring her cubs,” says Mr. Jayakumar, who spent the next couple of hours, watching the little family feed. “I think she wanted some rest so she brought the cubs to the waterhole to play in the water,” says Mr. Jayakumar, who clicked the snap when the family was frolicking in the waterhole. “I liked this image because it looks like a family portrait,” he says.

Fiery-Throated Hummin bird .

Fiery-Throated Hummin bird .
| Photo Credit:
M N Jaykumar

A forest official in the wild

This photograph is one of the 231 that form part of Encounters in the Wild 2.0, a solo exhibition both celebrating global wildlife as well as commemorating 50 years of Project Tiger, the wildlife conservation movement launched in 1973 to protect and preserve the Bengal tiger. Talking about his obsession with wildlife and conservation, Mr. Jayakumar recalls the incident that started off his passion for the wild.

In 1971, his father took him to watch a khedda, or wild elephant capture in Mysuru, among the last conducted in India before the practice was banned under Schedule I of the Wildlife Protection Act, of 1972. He was only 19 back then, and the incident impacted him greatly, remembers Mr. Jayakumar. Looking back, he thinks, “I was destined to join the forest service.”

Humpback Whale.

Humpback Whale.
| Photo Credit:
M N Jaykumar

He went on to pursue agriculture at the College of Agriculture, Bengaluru, graduating with the second rank there, before turning his attention to forest service. “I wanted a career that took me outdoors,” he says. So, he joined the Indian Forest College (now the Indira Gandhi National Forest Academy) in Dehra Dun, before becoming part of the Forest Department.

Photography happened rather serendipitously back in 1993 or so. He was working as a deputy range forest officer in Mysore, and would often host wildlife photographers from all over the country who would stop by for a meal while visiting Bandipur or Nagarahole.” On one occasion, a colleague jokingly remarked that while the whole world came to the Mysore District for photography, you—being the head of the district—are wasting your time,” he says, with a laugh. “That really spurred me to learn.”

 African Elephant with Wildebeest.

African Elephant with Wildebeest.
| Photo Credit:
M N Jaykumar

25 years of photography

Encounters in the Wild 2.0, which is spread across four halls in the CKP multiple species, documents multiple species of animals from all across the world. Held in collaboration with the Karnataka Forest Department, the display includes 47 species of mammals, 109 types of birds, and 8 species of reptiles and frogs shot on Mr. Jayakumar’s travels to different parts of India, Southeast Asia, Africa and the Americas.

Tiger Jumping.

Tiger Jumping.
| Photo Credit:
M N Jaykumar

From the gloriously-plumed birds of the Galapagos to tawny Bengal tigers; giraffes, elephants, and lions silhouetted against twilight skies shot with ochre and vermillion and even an aerial large shot of Machu Picchu, that icon of the ancient Inca empire, every photograph on display is evocative and stunning, a visual representation of Mr. Jayakumar’s love for the great outdoors. “Thankfully, all of us (his wife and two children) are lovers of nature. So, it doesn’t come in the way of my activity,” he says, adding that three of the images exhibited at the show were taken by his wife.

Mr. Jayakumar had his first solo exhibition in 1998, beginning with a series in New Delhi to commemorate the silver jubilee of Project Tiger. This was followed by what he thinks of as the first edition of Encounters in the Wild at CKP in 2008 and another titled Birds as Art at UB City, Bengaluru.

Red-Shanked Douc.

Red-Shanked Douc.
| Photo Credit:
M N Jaykumar

Post-retirement pictures

Most of the images in this exhibition, his fourth, were shot after he retired in 2012.  “I have a group of friends, all my age, who I travel with regularly,” he says, adding that these travels enable him to continue observing and photographing wildlife. “As soon as I have my back and legs intact, I hope to keep on documenting nature,” says Mr. Jayakumar who is all set to visit Kenya in November, followed by Rwanda, Uganda, Columbia and the U.S. early next year.

Toucan Barbet

Toucan Barbet
| Photo Credit:
M N Jaykumar

As with all his shows, he hopes to “experience, educate and engage viewers,” with Encounters in the Wild 2.0. “Every image in this exhibition will have a QR code that you can scan to get to know about the animal,” he says. And yes, if you don’t like reading or are visually impaired, there is an audio option too. “All you need to do is bring your headphones,” he says.

Wildebeest Migration.

Wildebeest Migration.
| Photo Credit:
M N Jaykumar

Way to conservation

Mr. Jayakumar firmly believes that exposing urban dwellers to the magnificence and beauty of nature through exhibitions such as this one can go a long way toward driving conservation in this country. “I hope the people who attend my exhibition will engage with the forest department afterwards, in times of crisis, to protect our precious earth,” he says. As human beings encroach into the habitat of wild animals, leading to an increase in conflict, it is more important than ever before to learn how to peaceably live with the natural world, believes Mr. Jayakumar. “We need to know how to adjust their lives to see that it is not disturbed.”

Encounters in the Wild 2.0 is on till September 8 at the Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath from 10 a.m. to 7.30 p.m. Entry is free for all.


World Tourism Day 2023: 8 Essential Tips For Photography, Videography While Travelling


(MENAFN- AsiaNet News) When you travel, you have many chances to take amazing photos and videos. It doesn’t count if you’re a freshman or an expert. These tips will assist you in getting the most out of your travels and keeping fantastic visual memories

Charge up Those Batteries

Imagine you reach the top of a cliff after a full day of hiking and you are lucky enough to witness the beauty of an orange sun setting behind those cloud-covered mountains. You take out your phone to capture the scene and launch the camera app and it doesn’t open because the battery is below 5%. What a bummer! So, whether you are an amateur phone photographer or a pro with fancy gear, never forget to power up your devices. Plug them in any time you get a chance.

Look for Golden Hours

Golden hour is a period in a day when the sun is low on the horizon. The rays of the sun have to travel longer through the earth’s atmosphere. In simple terms, the natural light of the sun is warm, soft and diffused at this time, making it the favourite of photographers. Use this time, to add a magical and heavenly touch to your photos and videos. The duration of this hour depends on the season and weather of the place. But it is usually the period shortly after sunrise and before sunset.

Learn Basic Composition

In photography and videography, composition refers to a certain way of placing the object in the frame. Our brain finds a picture with good composition more visually effective and aesthetically appealing than others. While there is a long list of compositional techniques, beginners can start with – the rule of thirds, leading lines and symmetry.

Capturing Beyond Yourself

Though showing your face in videos and taking selfies is a trend, don’t let yourself take the largest space in the frame. After all, you are capturing a “story” of a new destination through your photos and videos. So don’t shy away from showing the local life and culture of a place. Take those candid shots of busy markets and people going on about their day. Talk to locals in your videos and if required ask them if they are comfortable being in the frame.

Shoot in Different Modes

If you are using a digital camera for photography, use the RAW mode instead of JPEG. RAW files contain more information on visual elements than JPEG, thus giving you the freedom to be artistic while editing. For videos, experiment with different modes like slow motion, time-lapse, hyper-lapse etc. These modes are also available these days in any decent smartphone camera app.

Try Different Angles

While an eye-level placing of the camera does just fine, shooting from different angles adds depth as well as a different perspective to the story you are capturing. So, get down low, shoot from high above or tilt the camera and see what works the best.

Investing on Gear

The trend is “travel vlogging”. So, for the ones who are planning to put their money into equipment, start with the very basics. If you only have a phone with a camera app, buy a decent selfie stick or a gorilla pod. These devices help in avoiding shakes in photos and videos. The stick of selfie sticks are extendable so they give a wider view of the scene while with gorilla pods you can place the phone anywhere you want. More enthusiastic photographers with digital and mirrorless cameras should buy a good storage device and a sturdy tripod or monopod as basics.

Research about The Places

It is better to make an itinerary of places you want to visit. Doing so has two benefits for photographers. First, it gives you an idea of the place you are going to visit. While travelling, you can think of ways to record or capture the scene. Second, it saves you from wasting the crucial time that you must use for exploring and capturing rather than planning.

Last but not least, in the enthusiasm of documenting your travels, don’t forget to enjoy and live the experiences. After all, the best camera is our own eye and the best stories emerge out of our memories.

World Tourism Day 2023: Solo traveler’s toolkit – A look at 10 safety and adventure hacks


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Eric Campbell Photography Introduces Premium Corporate Headshots And Personal Branding Services


(MENAFN- EIN Presswire)

Professional Headshot on Forbes Magazine Cover by Eric Campbell Photography

Professional Corporate Headshots For The Game Changers And Industry Icons

FORT LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, September 24, 2023 /EINPresswire/ — In a digitally-driven age where first impressions often originate online, projecting a powerful professional image has never been more paramount. Recognizing this evolving need, Eric Campbell Photography is thrilled to unveil its suite of services focused on corporate headshots and personal branding photography .

Amalgamating technical expertise with an innate understanding of individual brand ethos, Eric Campbell delivers not just a photograph but a narrative. This new offering ensures that professionals, entrepreneurs, and influencers stand out in the vast digital landscape with authenticity and authority.

“When it comes to professional branding, the right imagery can make all the difference. Our goal is to help clients tell their story, to elevate their digital presence with headshots that truly resonate with their professional trajectory,” remarked Eric Campbell.

Beyond the conventional corporate headshot, Eric Campbell Photography delves deeper, offering a comprehensive consultation process. This ensures each shot aligns seamlessly with an individual’s brand message, ethos, and professional objectives.

Launching this service with an inaugural promotional package, the studio invites local businesses, professionals, and personal brands to experience a session. Packages will encompass consultation, a diverse range of shots, and post-production services ensuring immaculate, ready-to-use images.

About Eric Campbell Photography
Founded in 2017, Eric Campbell Photography has carved a niche with its unparalleled commitment to capturing moments, big or small, corporate or personal, with utmost authenticity.

Each photograph taken is more than just an image; it’s a testament to Eric’s passion for the craft and his dedication to client satisfaction. Contact Eric Campbell Photography to book your session today.

Eric Campbell
Eric Campbell Photography
+1 561-332-8953

Visit us on social media:


UAE: Police Warn Residents Of Exercise Public Asked To Avoid Area, Photography Not Allowed


(MENAFN- Khaleej Times) Published: Sat 23 Sep 2023, 11:36 AM

Last updated: Sat 23 Sep 2023, 11:40 AM

The Abu Dhabi Police have said in a tweet on X that it will be conducting an exercise with partners today.

The authority asked residents to avoid approaching the Sheikh Zayed Cricket Stadium as it will be carrying out the exercise there today.

In the tweet, the Police called on the public to avoid the area and to inform them to refrain from filming and photographing the area in the interest of public safety.

The exercise is being carried out to measure readiness and enhance response.


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  • UAE: Police announce exercise, issue advisory to residents


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Photography festival in ancient Chinese city draws 13,961 works


Visitors view the photos at a photography exhibition held during the 23rd Pingyao International Photography Festival in Pingyao, Shanxi province on Sep 19, 2023. [Zhu Xingxin/]

TAIYUAN — The 23rd Pingyao International Photography Festival kicked off on Tuesday in Pingyao, a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site known for its well-preserved ancient architecture, in North China”s Shanxi province.

Themed “New Light, New Orientation” this year, the six-day festival has attracted 13,961 works by over 2,000 photographers from 28 countries.

The festival is divided into five major sections with 16 units. More than 120 educational institutions, 12 of them from overseas, are participating in one of the units, a record high for the festival.

Advocating diversity, internationalism and professionalism, the annual festival, launched in 2001, has attracted over 290,000 photography works from more than 100 countries and regions, and is considered an important platform for cross-cultural communication.