Tom & Tierney | Caroline Logan Photography

Tom & Tierney | Caroline Logan Photography



It was while taking a weekend trip to a college friend’s home that he first met Tierney… who juuuust so happened to be his friend’s… sister. Immediately, Tom was attracted to her. But he *also* knew this totally violated guy code – being into your friend’s sister, that is.

But after getting his friend’s stamp of approval to reach out to Tierney, he did. Their friendship formed, but as they both joke now “it was a SLOW burn.”

However, as time passed, their relationship grew… and grew… and grew. Into something more. Into something neither of them could deny. Through Tierney’s med school in Pittsburg and Tom’s ranger school in Anchorage, Alaska, they’ve made it work and found a way to balance school, responsibilities, and most importantly: time together. They’ve chosen each other through it all, no matter the obstacle, and I have no doubt that’s what makes them so strong as a couple now!

While visiting Tom in Savannah, they visited one of their favorite parks. It was there that Tom asked Tierney to be his wife… then surprised her by having their parents and her brother there afterwards to celebrate IN PERSON. <3

Tom & Tierney, I’m so excited and honored to be your wedding photographer and to have you two in front of my camera!! I can’t wait to document your day and am counting downnnn to May! For now, enjoy a few of my favorites from your engagement session!! Xo


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