81C Opens Photography Exhibit by Lia Garvey: ‘God is a Woman’

81C Opens Photography Exhibit by Lia Garvey: ‘God is a Woman’


Photograph by Lia Garvey (Submitted photo)

81C will open a new solo fine art exhibition on Saturday, Jan. 21, in historic Charlotte Amalie. “God is a Woman, The Photographs of St. Croix’s Lia Garvey,” which features works by a young, imaginative and dynamic Virgin Islands analog film photographer. Opening reception hours are 5 p.m. to midnight, with Garvey on location at 81C. Complimentary drinks will be served.

Show Description

The exhibit features work by a young, analog film photographer producing on her own artistic terms. An alluring variety of timeless, grainy, black and white, sepia-tinged and worldly images with unique bohemian elegance and featuring powerful female subjects, the viewer cannot help but consider how long it will be before Garvey plunges into professional fashion photography.

A photograph by Lia Garvey (Submitted photo)

She seems to effortlessly capture the sprezzatura and ambiance many photographers stylistically dream of. With “God is a Woman,” Garvey shares a gifted, honest eye and emerges as a most promising Virgin Islands artistic talent.  — The Curators, 81C

Artist’s Statement

“Creating. Creation. Transmuting energy from one to another. Thought to material form. Oftentimes, I feel unable to explain my art. It’s a feeling. It is the explanation, the language, the words. What it means to another is the meaning. It is a perspective that resonates differently for everyone. It is the purpose of art to enlighten, to make sense out of what doesn’t. For another to find meaning in something you could not.

“I am now realizing the importance of sharing that sacred space because as we use it as an escape and method to heal, it has the power to do just the same for someone else. Why? Because we are beings that are constantly exchanging energies with each other and from this, I believe it is one of our sole purposes to help guide one another.

Portrait of Lia Garvey (Submitted photo)

“Having the ability to creatively express yourself is a powerful gift that everyone is capable of, and what is even more powerful is using that gift to create a shift. A shift within a perspective that then sparks action.” — Lia Garvey

Artist Bio

Born and raised on St. Croix, Lia Garvey moved off-island at the age of 16 due to her mother’s untimely passing. Stepping away allowed her to see the island from a different perspective and instilled a way of viewing the world with a love for the earth and its abundance. Throughout her series “God Is A Woman,” she captures the beauty of the islands and its people from a new vantage point.

A Lia Garvey photo (Submitted photo)

Event Details
The exhibit will take place at 81C in historic Charlotte Amalie on Strand Gade between Waterfront and Main Street. Admission is free. Parking is available on Waterfront; complimentary beverages will be offered.

About 81C
81C is an event venue and art gallery. The space is available for private and public pop-up event rentals and rotates art exhibitions every four-six weeks. Regular gallery open hours are every Wednesday, 5-10 p.m., and Sunday 2-8 p.m. Visit www.81C.com
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