Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss pictured at height of their careers in Arthur Elgort exhibition

Fashion photographer Arthur Elgort is showcasing his work at the Arthur Elgort On the Move exhibition at the Staley-Wise Gallery in New York City. His photo of Kate Moss that was taken at Cafe Lipp in Paris for Vogue Italia in 1993 is among the highlights

A new exhibition is celebrating the work of famed fashion photographer Arthur Elgort over the span of his five-decade career, including his unforgettable shoots with ’90s Christy Turlington, Naomi Campbell, and Kate Moss. 

Arthur Elgort On the Move is on display at the Staley-Wise Gallery in New York City until January 28, 2023, and features well-known photos as well as new images that were pulled from his archive that had never been printed or exhibited. 

Born and raised in New York City, the 82-year-old artist studied painting at Hunter College before he segued into photography. He became known for his candid ‘snapshot’ style images after making his debut in British Vogue in 1971.

Elgort, who is the father of actor Ansel Elgort, breathed new life into fashion photography by taking his models out in public and encouraging them to move freely during shoots. 

‘When my career was just beginning, I noticed that most of the magazines had plenty of studio photographers. All I saw were models standing still,’ he said in a statement. ‘So I decided to do something else. I took my models out on the streets of New York, Paris, or wherever I was, and the magazines liked it. It felt different.’ 

Fashion photographer Arthur Elgort is showcasing his work at the Arthur Elgort On the Move exhibition at the Staley-Wise Gallery in New York City. His photo of Kate Moss that was taken at Cafe Lipp in Paris for Vogue Italia in 1993 is among the highlights 

Elgort is known for his ‘snapshot’ style photography, and he captured Lisa Taylor driving over the George Washington Bridge in New York City, the wind whipping through her hair, for Vogue in 1976 

The photographer is best known for his work with Vogue, but he also shot a number of fashion campaigns. He took this black and white photo of models Rosie Vela, Alva Chinn, and Karen Bjornson (left to right) for Halston in 1977 

In 2008, Elgort had Caroline Trentini pose on top of a basketball hoop and David Alvarez leap into the air below her in this New York City shoot that was featured in Vogue

Elgort snapped this ballet-inspired photo of Naomi Campbell in Paris for Alaia in 1986, the year she was discovered. Campbell was studying ballet at the Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts in England when she was scouted 

In 1994, Claudia Schiffer was at the height of her career and looked every bit the star when she was photographed by Elgort in Rome for Valentino 

Models tended to wear less makeup when working with Elgort, who captured this stunning black and white portrait of Christy Turlington in New York City in 1993

The photographer captured Linda Evangelista playing the piano in head-to-toe plaid for Vogue shoot in Scotland in 1991

Elgort was knowing for working with models, but he also photographed The Rolling Stones standing on top of a barn at Long View Farm in North Brookfield, Massachusetts, in 1981. The band spent six weeks living and rehearsing on the property before going on tour that year 

Elgort took this playful snapshot of Gail Elliott, Yasmin Le Bon, Christy Turlington and Linda Evangelista (left to right) laughing on a New York City sidewalk in 1987 

One of Elgort’s more recent images featured in the exhibition is this photo of British model Fran Summers, which is titled ‘Up, Up, and Away.’ Summers was photographed in West Hampton, New York, for British Vogue in 2019 

Elgort traveled all of the world for his shoots, including to Nepal, where he photographed Kate Moss with an elephant for British Vogue in 1993 

The photographer captured Ethiopian model Liya Kebede and rapper Andre 3000 on a vespa for this 1950s-inspired shoot featured in Vogue in 2005

Another photo from Liya Kebede and Andre 3000’s Vogue shoot shows them mid laugh

Elgort was in Paris when he captured this portrait of German designer Karl Lagerfeld in 1983, the year he became the creative director of Chanel, a position he held until his death in 2019

Elgort photographed Christy Turlington peeking her head out the top of a car in New Orleans. The black and white shot was featured in British Vogue in 1990 

Naomi Campbell and Christy Turlington were photographed walking on the grounds at Parlange Plantation in Louisiana for Vogue in 1992

In 1976, Lisa Taylor struck a pose at the TWA lounge at John F. Kennedy International Airport while working with Elgort on a shoot for Vogue 

Elgort photographed trombonist Wycliffe Gordon performing in New York City in 1992

In 2002, the photographer captured famed designer Manolo Blahnik turned away from the camera in Paris 

Elgort traveled to Moscow to photograph Christy Turlington for Vogue in 1990, the year before the dissolution of the Soviet Union 

Elgort photographed German model Nadja Auermann running across Park Avenue in New York City for a spread featured in Vogue in 1995 

In 1982, Elgort turned the camera on himself for a self-portrait at his home in New York City 

Elgort captured these models stretching and talking on set in New York City in 1978. Titled ‘In the Studio,’ the photograph was featured in Vogue 

In 1988, the photographer shot this image of models standing around at the Christian Lacroix Haute Couture Atelier in Paris 

Model Shaun Casey was captured flinging her skirt over her head during this playful shoot for Italian Harper’s Bazaar in 1978 

Elgort took this black and white photo of a lion while visiting Africa in 1991 

Elgort’s photo of Giraffe Manor, a boutique hotel with a resident heard of giraffes in Nairobi, Kenya, was featured in Vogue in 2007 

Father and son: Photographer Arthur Elgort and his actor son Ansel Elgort pictured at The Royalton Hotel in New York City in June 2014