Inspiring the World Through Photography: Meet Survivor

Inspiring the World Through Photography: Meet Survivor


The Chronicle

Prince Ngwenya, [email protected]

Survivor Nyasulu, a wildlife photographer originating from a small rural town, has emerged as an inspiring figure in his community, mesmerising residents with his extraordinary talent and dedication to his craft.

Born and raised in Dete, He developed a profound connection with photography during his formative years in primary school. His passion for the art was ignited as he avidly watched wildlife documentaries on television.

In 2018, Survivor commenced his photography journey, initially experimenting with a friend’s camera before eventually acquiring his own in 2021. He purchased his first camera through a loan from China.

Survivor draws inspiration from esteemed wildlife photographers like Marlon Du Doit, Nick Dyer, and ShannonWild. Their work served as a catalyst for his own creative vision and development in the field of photography.

Living in close proximity to Hwange National Park, Survivor Nyasulu’s passion for capturing the beauty of nature grew exponentially.

He utilised his photography primarily to portray the harmonious coexistence between animals and humans, a theme that is relatively uncommon among photographers in Zimbabwe

Survivor’s exceptional photographs depicting rangers on patrol and the various challenges they face swiftly garnered recognition.

Rangers from a patrol carrying wire-snares, one of the threats to painted Dog survival.

His powerful images caught the attention of organizations such as Space for Giants and Citizen Bulletin, who chose to feature his work, further amplifying his impact and reach.

Driven by his deep love for nature, he found solace and purpose as a safari guide. He dedicated himself to making a positive impact by escorting tourists into the park and educating them about wildlife. His passion for sharing knowledge and fostering a connection between people and nature shines through in his role as a safari guide.

In addition to his multifaceted skills, Survivor Nyasulu also actively contributes to conservation efforts as a conservationist at Painted Dog Conservation. In this role, he actively participates in anti-poaching activities to protect wildlife. Furthermore, he showcases his versatility by working as a sports photographer for the Rhino Cup Champions League, capturing captivating moments of the sporting event.

Driven by passion, Survivor is among the few wildlife photographers in Zimbabwe to tell African stories.

“I am a photographer who wants to inspire more Zimbaweans to tell African stories, rather than having people abroad coming to Zimbabwe to document and film for us” he said.

Currently pursuing a degree in Film, Television, and Media Studies at Lupane State University, he established “Nature is Life,” a radio talk show on Skyz Metro FM. Through this platform, he endeavors to raise awareness about nature conservation and has even played a pivotal role in the recovery of two pangolins.

Although Survivor devotes much of his time to studies, he remains an inspiration to young people through his tireless efforts to teach children how to operate the camera and support those in need quickly garnered attention and admiration from his community.

Despite the demanding nature of his job, he indulges in his passion for photography, capturing the raw beauty of everyday life. His lens serves as a window into the world showcasing both the struggles and resilience of people around him.

Through his compassionate approach and unwavering commitment to nature, Survivor has transformed countless lives and his radio talk show has become one of the most listened to, via the web.

His photographs have inspired others to follow in his footsteps and contribute to the betterment of society.

He hopes to inspire more people to take part in nature photography and nature conservation and to get recognition beyond Zimbabwe.

Through his radio talk show, Nature is Life, he wishes to engage more stakeholders and get support to channel the programme further.

Survivor’s journey has not been without challenges. He faces the challenge of camera gear which sometimes prevents him from capturing images that are world-class. However, his resilience and unwavering belief in photography continue to fuel his determination, allowing him to overcome obstacles and emerge stronger.