Samsung’s Gallery app is adding creepy teeth to baby photos

Samsung's Gallery app is adding creepy teeth to baby photos


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Samsung recently caught flak for beautifying moon photos using AI magic, with people calling the tweaks excessive. Going overboard with AI enhancement of astrophotography may be a bad look for a brand making some of the best Android phones around, but it is far worse when such features start messing with people’s kids. The Remaster option in the Samsung Gallery app appears to be adding nightmarish teeth to pictures of toothless babies, and it’s just about as creepy as you’d think.

Features like Photo Unblur and the Enhance option in Google Photos are great, because they improve images predictably and subtly. Samsung has similar intentions with its Gallery app’s Remaster feature, but a reader of The Verge had a rather disturbing experience with it on their Galaxy S23 Ultra. In an attempt to enhance a picture of their seven-month-old baby, they found the Remaster option helpfully removing snot from the picture, but also adding brilliant white teeth to the baby’s open mouth.

Interestingly, the Remaster feature is acting similarly on one other photo from the same user, but we and The Verge failed to recreate the issue using images of babies from the internet. The repeatability of the issue for one user suggests it is feature misbehavior, but the fact that we can’t recreate the issue casts doubt on how widespread it is.


All things considered, the remaster feature should clean up photos, touch up blemishes, maybe sharpen results, and apply color and exposure correction. However, the instant a red tongue is converted to white teeth, we are inclined to believe AI trickery is afoot, and Samsung software shouldn’t be adding elements to the image.

The Korean brand didn’t comment on the matter, but a description of the Remaster feature on its website states it just “removes shadows and reflections automatically.” The person facing the toothy issue says this is more disturbing than the moon beautification controversy. These cases are a little different in that the moon beautification is automatic, but you can keep the toothless baby pictures if you choose to avoid using the Remaster feature. In our book, though, a feature delivering unsightly results is as good as unusable, but Samsung can easily rectify this with a software update.