GoPro Announces Lower Prices and Exciting Subscriber Benefits

GoPro Announces Lower Prices and Exciting Subscriber Benefits


GoPro has just announced exciting changes to its camera lineup and subscription offerings. With new lower prices on their camera models and enhanced benefits for GoPro Subscribers, it’s the perfect time to gear up for your summer adventures.

Effective immediately, GoPro has adjusted the prices of its flagship camera lineup. The HERO11 Black that I reviewed in September 2022, is now priced at £399.99, offering a fantastic £100 saving. The HERO11 Black Mini which has just arrived in for review is now £299.99, the HERO10 Black for £349.99, and the HERO9 Black for £249.99., check out the reviews of each to find out what I thought of these cameras The HERO11 Black Creator Edition, designed for vloggers and pro-content creators, is now priced at £599.99, bringing the price points closer to pre-pandemic levels.

In addition to the price adjustments, GoPro has also made changes to its subscription program. Previously, GoPro Subscribers enjoyed camera discounts at the time of purchase. However, starting now, GoPro’s lower everyday pricing is available to all shoppers, regardless of their subscription status. This means that the lower camera prices are accessible to everyone worldwide. Existing GoPro Subscribers will continue to enjoy discounted pricing on future camera purchases as part of their subscription benefits.

To make the GoPro Subscription even more enticing, GoPro has introduced new subscription benefits. For an introductory price of £24.99 for the first year and £49.99 upon annual renewal, subscribers gain access to unlimited cloud storage of GoPro footage, automatic footage upload to the cloud while charging, automatic clearing of the camera’s SD card, automatic highlight videos sent to their phone, premium editing tools in the GoPro Quik app, up to 50% off on mounts and accessories at, a £100 discount off the next GoPro at the first annual renewal, guaranteed damaged camera replacement, and live streaming via

GoPro Subscribers also enjoy exclusive perks, such as Subscriber Sessions hosted by pro athletes and content creators who share their tips and tricks for capturing epic footage. Additionally, GoPro Subscribers will have the opportunity to earn double the cash payout from GoPro Awards when their photos or videos are featured on GoPro’s global social handle, @gopro.

With these changes, GoPro is reaffirming its commitment to providing high-quality cameras at accessible prices and offering valuable benefits to its loyal customers.

To learn more about the latest pricing updates, subscription benefits, and the exciting Double the Dollars GoPro Awards campaign, visit the official GoPro website at