Google’s Latest Ad Campaign Unveils iPhone 14 Pro’s Hilariously Awkward Jealousy of the Pixel 7 Pro

Google's Latest Ad Campaign Unveils iPhone 14 Pro's Hilariously Awkward Jealousy of the Pixel 7 Pro



In yet another Apple-bashing moment, Google has rolled out a collection of ad campaigns that comically taunt Apple and its iPhone 14 Pro, presenting the Cupertino giant’s phone as an inseparable “Best Phones Forever” pal with the Mountain View giant’s Pixel 7 Pro.

These ads take cringe to a whole new level, showcasing the iPhone as a hapless underdog, bereft of nifty features like astrophotography mode, with its sole redeeming quality being the blue iMessage bubbles. Oh, the agony!

Google's Newest Ad Campaign Pokes Fun at Apple’s iPhone

“Best Phones Forever”

The first video in the series, titled “Plateau,” kicks off the banter between the two phones. Apple proudly announces its 14th iteration, while the Pixel 7 Pro confidently claims its legendary status.

The iPhone 14 Pro can be found longing for desirable attributes such as 30x zoom, astrophotography prowess, and AI image processing. In the meantime, the Pixel cunningly highlights the appeal of those coveted blue iMessage bubbles, subtly suggesting their widespread admiration.

This leaves the iPhone in a state of existential crisis, questioning its entire existence after 14 long years, only to find solace in the fact that its biggest claim to fame is… well, the color of a bubble. Ouch!

Sketchy Wi-Fi Woes

In another ad, the iPhone laments its sketchy Wi-Fi situation since it lacks a built-in VPN like the Pixel. We witness the iPhone 14 Pro’s paranoia about hackers lurking on public Wi-Fi while being amazed at the Pixel 7 Pro’s free VPN. It’s a clear case of Apple not providing a dedicated VPN on its devices, leaving users to rely on pricey third-party VPN apps.

Lifesaver – Battery Woes

The fourth video, aptly named “Lifesaver,” delivers the most hilarious punchline. The iPhone lies lifeless after streaming an episode of the friendly football coach series (because, let’s face it, iPhones are infamous for their fast-draining batteries).

But fear not! The Pixel 7 Pro comes to the rescue, flipping over the iPhone and literally lying on top of it to recharge using the Battery Share feature. Ouch, Apple, your battery struggles have become the ultimate punchline.

Opening Up – The Foldable Jab

Lastly, in the video “Opening Up,” the Pixel 7 Pro is replaced by the Pixel Fold, cunningly asking the iPhone if it notices anything new about the Pixel. Here, the comedy callback is perfectly executed, with the iPhone recollecting all the features mentioned in the ad series but failing to spot the obvious foldable design.

The video concludes with the Pixel Fold unfolding and cheekily asking the iPhone if it wants to play games, taking a jab at Apple’s lack of a foldable phone in its portfolio.

I can’t wait for Apple’s comeback to this playful rivalry. Although cringe-inducing, I’m looking forward to more of these banters in the future.

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