Artist Cayce Zavaglia Creates Stunning & Realistic Embroidered Portraits

Artist Cayce Zavaglia Creates Stunning & Realistic Embroidered Portraits

Cayce Zavaglia, hailing from St. Louis, Missouri, is an artist whose initial training in painting has seamlessly evolved into a mastery of embroidery as her primary medium, enabling her to craft exquisite, hyper-realistic textile portraits. Her creations are so impeccably executed that, from a certain vantage point, one might easily mistake them for traditional paintings done in ink.

Her artistic focus revolves exclusively around portraying friends, family, and fellow artists. Through years of dedicated practice, she has honed a sewing technique that facilitates the blending of colors and the establishment of tonal nuances akin to those found in classical oil painting. The meticulous direction in which she sews her threads mirrors the layering of brush marks in painting, thus creating an illusion of depth, volume, and form that is truly remarkable.

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Embroidered portraits are artistic creations where an artist uses embroidery techniques to depict a person’s likeness, typically their face, in a detailed and often highly realistic manner. Instead of using traditional painting or drawing mediums, artists employ various embroidery stitches, threads, and fabrics to achieve the desired visual effect.

The process of creating embroidered portraits involves selecting the appropriate fabric as a canvas, choosing a color palette of embroidery threads, and meticulously stitching the threads to form the image. Artists use different stitch types, thread densities, and shading techniques to convey the depth, texture, and details of the subject’s face.



Embroidered portraits can vary in style and complexity, from simple and abstract representations to intricate and hyper-realistic depictions. Artists may also experiment with different materials and techniques, such as combining embroidery with other textile arts like appliqué or beadwork, to add depth and dimension to their work.

These portraits offer a unique and tactile approach to portraiture, showcasing the artist’s skill in manipulating thread and fabric to capture the essence of a person’s likeness. Embroidered portraits have gained popularity in contemporary art and can be found in galleries and exhibitions around the world.












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