Galaxy S23 vs iPhone 14 vs Pixel 7 low-light camera shootout — which phone wins?

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra camera close up


With the Galaxy S23 series, Samsung hopes to shine out like a light in the darkness — or at least, add a bit more details to those photos you’ve taken in low light. And now that we’ve had a chance to test all three models, we can see if the latest Samsung phones deliver on the promise of improved night photography.

This isn’t Samsung’s first stab at taking better shots in the dark. Last year’s Galaxy S22 phones introduced the concept of “Nightography,” a marketing term Samsung coined to describe photos we take at night or in dimly-lit settings. Without proper lighting, these photos can lack detail and color, but Samsung’s made an effort in the last couple years to improve photo processing to emphasize those aspects, even with less than ideal light around.