Colorado bear takes 400 ‘selfies’ on wildlife camera – New York Daily News

Colorado bear takes 400 ‘selfies’ on wildlife camera – New York Daily News


A Colorado bear is the talk of the nature photography world after it appeared in 400 selfies on a wildlife camera set up in Boulder.

“Recently, a bear discovered a wildlife camera that we use to monitor wildlife across Boulder open space. Of the 580 photos captured, about 400 were bear selfies,” Boulder Open Space and Mountain Parks wrote earlier this week on Twitter.

In followup tweets, the department clarified that the photos had been taken and posted on their Instagram page in late 2022 and that the bear was likely hibernating.

According to the BOSMP website, the department uses nine motion-detector-activated cameras to track a number of different species — like birds, coyotes and, of course, bears — across 46,000 acres.

The cameras use infrared technology so as to not disturb the animals’ nocturnal adventures.

“The motion-detecting cameras provide us a unique opportunity to learn more about how local species use the landscape around us while minimizing our presence in sensitive habitats,” said Will Keeley, senior wildlife ecologist for Boulder Open Space and Mountain Parks. “These cameras play an important role in helping BOSMP staff identify important wildlife areas.”

In December, the department posted a series of photos of a pair of howling coyotes.