Got a roof box for my BMW 330i GT M-Sport ahead of my drive to Nadugani

Got a roof box for my BMW 330i GT M-Sport ahead of my drive to Nadugani


Thanks to the quick-release design, it takes about 5 minutes to mount and unmount the box.

BHPian graaja recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Roofbox installation and Nadugani trip

Roofbox Installation

One of my hobbies is Astrophotography. I sometimes travel to places with low light pollution to do some astrophotography. These times, I have to carry a lot of equipment in the car. Usually, I can accommodate all the equipment in the car by folding down the rear seats. But on occasions when I have 3 passengers, the available space is limited and I have to drop one of the pieces of equipment. I have been planning to add a roof box to the car for some time. As I have another astrophotography trip to Coorg coming up later this month, decided to get this done.

Thule roof boxes were very expensive costing more than a lakh. A friend of mine in Coimbatore had installed a roof box from a company called Pentair and it was quite good in quality. The only issue was the clamps had very coarse fixing dimensions and would not fit the fixed crossbar installation on the GT. Thanks to TBHPian “itwasntme”, I got introduced to another company called Farad and their roof boxes also were of very good quality. They also had quick-release clamps with slots that can accommodate a wide range of crossbar spacing. Went ahead and ordered the Farad Marlin 400 Liter roof box. Earlier, I had the Thule wingbars with Proride bike rack. Since I quit triathlons and cycling a couple of years back, I removed this setup from the car and stored it. Decided to use the same Thule cross bars and fix the Farad box.

Unboxing the roof box.

The complete kit – Thule wing bars, Thule footkit for F34, Farad roof box and clamps.

The box opened.

These clamps are quick-release. Just pull the top lever and the clamps open up to be released from the cross bar. Press the lever and the clamps close and tighten on the cross bar. With this quick-release design, it takes about 5 minutes to mount and unmount the box.

Fixing the feet (base for the bars) to the roof.

Fixed the Thule wing bars.

The box installed.

Nadugani Drive

I joined the TBHP group from Bangalore in the Nadugani overnight TBHP meet organised by RSUDARSANAN. I drove from Coimbatore through Kotagiri and Ooty and joined everyone in Nadugani, spent a night in a cozy little resort and returned back the next day. I will share more pictures in the Nadugani drive thread. Sharing a few pictures of the GT here.

A few pictures of the GT during the onward journey. Drove through some beautiful hill roads with mist.

To avoid the heavy weekend tourist traffic in Ooty, returned through Kerala. Took the Nilambur -> Mannarkad -> Palakkad -> Coimbatore route. I, TBHPian 500CountryCruiser in his CLA and Brraj in his Getz drove together during this return journey. A few pictures from this journey.

That’s all folks, I have for now.

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