April 4th THE LINEUP WITH SUSIE MOSHER In The Matt Baker Lens

April 4th THE LINEUP WITH SUSIE MOSHER In The Matt Baker Lens

The Lineup With Susie Mosher was temporarily streamlined to two episodes a month but that doesn’t mean that the quality of the shows has suffered – quite the contraray, as Mosher and her team of expert musicians provide a playground in the Birdland Theater for audiences and the guests they have come to see. On April 4th, Susie Mosher, Lon Hoyt, Clint de Ganon and guest bass player David Finck gave the full-on LINEUP experience and Susie’s photographic documentarian, Matt Baker, was on hand to capture all the action in his lens, as only he can do. Below can be seen Mr. Baker’s photos of the pre-show dressing room r&r, the after-performance posings, and the exciting evening of entertainment, the like of which recently garnered Susie and her show two awards from the Manhattan Association of Cabaret. A new Lineup is coming on April 18th and HERE is the link.

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Clint de Ganon

Lon Hoyt

Lindsay Lavin

Myriam Phiro

Jumaane Smith

Amir E. Gollan

Mark Aaron James

Hyeonseon Baek

The Drinkwater Brothers

Marieann Meringolo

The drawing of the mousepad and the mousepad winner!

Jen Brett and Ricky Antony Westrip

The Lineup Band is John Miller on Bass and Clint de Ganon on Drums and Musical Director Lon Hoyt on piano. On April 4th David Finck was the guest bass player.

Tickets for THE LINEUP WITH Susie Mosher can be obtained HERE.

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Matt Baker is a portrait photographer and professional jazz musician. Commissioned work includes headshots, portraits, live concerts, video production, and more.

His studio also has a beautiful black grand piano (great for a music video too), located on New York’s Upper West Side. Shoots can be outdoors, at a location of your choice, or indoors in the studio space. Matt himself is a professional jazz pianist, performing a busy schedule in New York and touring abroad, loves coffee, scuba diving, and astrophotography. Originally from Australia has lived in NYC 12 years now.