AlUla Skies Festival Returns to Saudi Arabia

AlUla Skies Festival Returns to Saudi Arabia


AlUla Skies Festival Returns to Saudi Arabia

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AlUla Skies Festival Returns to Saudi Arabia

The AlUla Skies Festival is returning for a second year, from April 26th until May 13th, with a range of adventure, cultural, heritage, and entertainment experiences.

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A host of unique activities, including hot air balloons and stargazing, are sure to provide an incredible spectacle from every angle.

Visitors will have the chance to view AlUla from a hot air balloon or helicopter during the daytime, while stargazing, music shows, and astrophotography will be among the nighttime activities.

Phillip Jones, chief tourism officer at Royal Commission for AlUla (RCU), said: “AlUla Skies Festival is a unique opportunity to welcome visitors from the Kingdom and the world to AlUla, to further strengthen its position as a leading tourist destination in the region.

“Since ancient times, the sky has been a map for those who visited AlUla, as they were guided by the stars and the constellations to travel on the ancient incense trading route, and today we celebrate the history of the skies with unique events and offers that position AlUla Skies Festival as a must-do on the travelers bucket list every year.”

Hot air balloon trips in North Hegra will operate each day from 7 am to 8:30 am and 4 pm to 5:30 pm. You can book your flight over the UNESCO World Heritage Site here. 

Helicopter tours will give you birds-eye views of AlUla’s most famous landmarks and heritage sites. The flight duration is 30 minutes.

Meanwhile, AlUla Skies is also providing a combined experience of stargazing and astrophotography from 4.30-10.30 pm daily, in an area that offers some of the very best views of the night sky.

A Giant Swing where participants jump off the mountain edge and swing is also available, an outdoor cinema, and AlUla Stairway, with a descent all the way back down on a 150-meter zipline, are also available during the event.  

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