15 Finalists Photos Of The 2023 Weather Photographer Of The Year Contest

15 Finalists Photos Of The 2023 Weather Photographer Of The Year Contest

Annually, the Royal Meteorological Society hosts the esteemed Standard Chartered Weather Photographer of the Year competition, showcasing the captivating fusion of visual artistry and storytelling. The recently unveiled selection of images for this year offers a compelling glimpse into the impacts of climate change as seen from various corners of our planet.

These exceptional photographs are in contention for a special award, and the winner will be determined through a public vote. You have the opportunity to cast your vote until September 24, 2023, ensuring that your favorite image receives the recognition it deserves. Whether captured with a smartphone or a DSLR camera, each of these shortlisted photos exemplifies the technical finesse and keen observational skills required to narrate weather-related tales.

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#1 A Perfect Cloud by Francisco Negroni

#2 Dream Ring by Naser Mohammadmoradi

#3 Chugwater Tornado by Cristiano Xavier

#4 Country Supercell by Sara Bruce

#5 Divine Power by Fernando Braga

#6 Fichtelberg Mountain by Christoph Schaarschmidt

#7 Forest Fire Boundary by Tran Tuan

#8 Snowflake Fall by Diana Neves

#9 Fire on Man-Made Jungle by Mahmudul Hasan

#10 Worst Flooding by Azim Khan Ronnie

#11 Waterlogged by Sudipta Chatterjee

#12 Snow Covered Beach Huts by Owen Humphreys

#13 Ethel Alice by Shaun Mills

#14 Red Sprite Lightning over the Ama Drime Snow Mountain by Zhengjie Wu

#15 Polar Stratospheric Cloud by Tania Engbo Dyck-Madsen

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