Zbrush virtual summit promises four days of top tips and insights on 3D sculpting

Zbrush summit

Zbrush is one of our favourite tools for 3D modelling, and there’s a treat coming up for anyone who uses the software or wants to learn more. The four-day Maxon ZBrush Summit 2022 starts on Sunday (November 13) with awards, presentations, showcases and more.

The first summit since Maxon’s acquisition of the software, it’s set to include a combination of hybrid, mixed reality and live broadcasts, featuring digital artists and industry leaders from around the globe. There will also be the annual live sculpt-off. To learn more about the software, see our pick of the best 3D modelling software and our Zbrush review. We also have a roundup of the best Zbrush tutorials.

The Maxon ZBrush Summit 2022 will run from Sunday November 13 until Wednesday, November 16. The opening day will see members of the ZBrush community will go head-to-head for prizes from sponsors such as Dell, Xencelabs, Gnomon School, Wacom, Gnomon Workshop and more in the annual ZBrush Sculpt Off Challenge (see the teaser above and last year’s contest below). The winner will be announced on Wednesday.

The event aims to showcase a variety of ZBrush artists around the world together with sculpting showcases, presentations, and announcements. Raf Grassetti, art director of God of War Ragnarök will discuss the evolution of traditional sculpting to digital, including crypto art/NFT creation and shed light on how other aspiring artists can master the craft. He’ll dissect his recent collaboration with XM Studios: The Four Horsemen to explain how he goes about sculpting, polishing and posing the complex characters.

Meanwhile, LA-based creature designer Dan Katcher, best known for his Emmy-winning dragons in HBO’s Game of Thrones will talk about how his experience designing the skeleton of the dragons inspired his work with NYU dental students and Tisch photography students on the evolution of digital dentistry. The summit will also hear from Damien Canderle, who did character modelling on Netflix’s “Love, Death & Robots,” the artists behind Lightyear and The Sea Beast and award-winning creative studio Framestore 

You can find out more and watch all the presentations streaming live at www.zbrushlive.com (opens in new tab).

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