The metaverse made easy: RendezVerse launches RV360 to convert 360° photography to explorable social VR spaces

The metaverse made easy: RendezVerse launches RV360 to convert 360° photography to explorable social VR spaces



New technology allows for venues with pre-existing 360° photography of their space to upload it to the metaverse in minutes for social meets

RendezVerse, the first Metaverse-as-a-Service (MaaS) platform designed specifically for hospitality venues, today launches RV360, which transforms 360° assets into explorable social spaces within the metaverse.

RV360 is a low-cost and straightforward way for hotels and hospitality venues to enter the metaverse in photorealistic environments and offer new ways for customers to explore their space in advance of booking.

The new technology makes use of 360° photography, which many venues already offer on their websites through providers such as Matterport, a RendezVerse developer partner.

RV360’s algorithm processes the existing assets and builds a metaverse-ready version of the space, which can not only be viewed and navigated when wearing a VR headset or flatscreens, but used as a social space to meet with others.

Customers can explore the space in advance of booking, and venue representatives can join them in the metaverse space since the area is on the RendezVerse platform, allowing multiple people to meet using avatars and audio chat.

Peter Gould, CEO, RendezVerse, comments:

“We want to support hotels and events venues in offering the very best experience for their customers and make venue booking, site inspections, and events management much more effortless, less time-intensive, and more profitable.

“The metaverse is a clear solution for this, and RV360 drastically reduces the resources venues need to get started in this virtual world. Since most venues are equipped with 360° photography already, they can now create a VR tour which is low-cost and ready within minutes.”

Mark Brown, COO, RendezVerse, adds:

“The technology needed for people to experience RV360, and for venues to upload their space, is more accessible than ever, with the proliferation of 360° imagery of venues and consumer VR headsets or mobile adaptors.

“This makes RV360 is a real game-changer, providing a totally immersive and social metaverse with such a low barrier to entry. Furthermore, it will save hospitality businesses time, money, and even CO2 with reduced travel for site inspections.”

The launch of RV360 follows RendezVerse’s recent event in Amsterdam, in which hospitality industry professionals explored the opportunities of the metaverse to the sector.