Funniest Pets In Photos, Finalists For Comedy Pet Photography Awards

Funniest Pets In Photos, Finalists For Comedy Pet Photography Awards


A cat performing its best victory pose, a smiling ferret and a flower-eating turtle are among the 25 comical images that made it to the shortlist for the Comedy Pet Photo Awards.

The funny pet photo is a global photo and video competition intended to “promote positive awareness of animal welfare issues and celebrate the incredible and hugely valuable contribution that pets can and do have on our lives,” the organizers explain.

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Created by professional photographers Paul Joynson-Hicks and Tom Sullam, the contest also seeks to encourage public engagement around animal welfare and “through the wonders of photography and film, we want to share the hilarious expressions, antics and naughty capers that your joyous pets get up to and share the love and laughter with the world.”

“Pets keep us fit, sane and grounded. They listen to us when no one else does; they know how to cheer us up and will do anything for us (unless we’re talking about cats, but they have special superpowers of their own that we dare not talk about).”

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On the Gallery page, you can see all 25 finalists and if you fancy voting for your favorite click to the People’s Choice Award. The last date to vote is August 6.

The 2023 Comedy Pet Winners will be announced on August 11.

In the ‘Dogs-Who-Look-Like-Their-Owners Department’, there are Karin and her two Afghan Windhounds in Landstuhl, Germany.

“Alex and Max are two rescued kittens. Alex is the shy one; Max is the playful one,” Zoghzoghi said. “Together, they’re a lethally cute duo. I had more fun taking photos of these two than during my most adventurous wildlife photography trips.”

Two sisters from different litters — self-confident Crystal and cute baby Daisy — look to the future.

Big Boss is certainly the boss around the port, says Morinaga, nothing that he’s also gentle and kind.

Shadow was digging holes as normal at the beach, when all of a sudden he decided to show off his new technique.

This small, happy ferret named Boudicca enjoys her first outdoor walk at 2 1/2 months, in Amherst, Massachussetts.

His name is Oscar and he’s an Afghan greyhound clearly pleased with himself.

Beautiful Edgar’s favorite food is the leaf and flower of the dandelion. Here, she savors the flavor in Wymondham, England.

Happiness is achieved in the midst of hemp plants in Zurich, Switzerland. These plants, however, are for industrial use, not marijuana.

It looks like a perfect land 10.0 landing.

Misty the spaniel desperately wanted to play with Nala, the dignified older lady of the menagerie,” said Horstmanschof. “She wasn’t that keen and fortunately Misty was pretty bad at hide and seek.”