Winners & Finalists Of LensCulture 2023 Street Photography Awards

LensCulture 2023 Street Photography Awards

Here are the winners and finalists of LensCulture 2023 Street Photography Awards. The world’s urban canvases possess distinct pulses and cadences, each imbued with its own essence wherever one ventures. Street photographers, those driven souls compelled to roam the thoroughfares with vigilant eyes and cameras in hand, revel in their knack for discerning and immortalizing the ceaseless ebb and flow of humanity — its comings and goings, its playful interludes, its livelihood, and its shared endeavors within communal spaces.

Thus, with utmost delight, we introduce the victors, selections of the panel, and contenders of the LensCulture Street Photography Awards 2023. Hailing from 15 diverse nations, these 37 photographers have seized fleeting instants that might otherwise dissolve in the blink of an eye. Each frozen frame narrates a tale; each camera click encapsulates an unparalleled perspective.

This year’s laureates traverse the spectrum, from sleek and polished to gritty and tarnished, and from gentle, subdued reflections to contemplative, hushed moments. Some lens wielders delve into the sociological tapestry, while others amass typologies. Many chase the dance of color, light, shadows, and abstraction. Nearly all raise their glasses to the opulence of human existence.

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#1 Series: 1st Place – Populace By Forrest Walker

#2 Series: 2nd Place – Solstitium By Jose Carpin

#3 Series: 3rd Place – Women in Kyrgyzstan By Anna Biret

#4 Single: 1st Place – Eyepatch & The Great Egg Pyramids of Giza By Jonathan Jasberg

#5 Single: 2nd Place – Tribute to Odesa By Laetitia Vancon

#6 Single: 3rd Place – Celestial Ladies By France Leclerc

#7 Jurors’ Pick – The Faceless Migrant Worker By Aniruddha Sarkar

#8 Jurors’ Pick – Holy Week in the Streets By Álvaro Vegazo

#9 Finalist – Subway Blues By Adam Docker

#10 Finalist – Chaos Karma By Andrea Bettancini

#11 Finalist – City Light By Andrea Pozzoni

#12 Finalist – La Grande Bellezza By Bert De Busschere

#13 Finalist – Balloon Dancing By David Keith Brown

#14 Finalist – Berlin Coffee By Darren Finch

#15 Finalist – Oaxaca By Ed Peters

#16 Finalist – Untitled By Gareth Bragdon

#17 Finalist – Tulip Fever By Giedo van der Zwan

#18 Finalist – Untitled By Maude Bardet

#19 Finalist – Street School, Berlin By Sophie Cool

#20 Finalist – Big Smiles By Petter Rustad

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