Wildlife photo bonanza takes centre stage at KWS

Special Holiday Exhibit and photography on display at the Art Center


A riveting exhibition showcasing the work of the most accomplished wildlife photographers in the world is currently on display at the Kenya Wildlife Service offices in Nairobi.

The photo bonanza, which documents the vibrant existence in the Kenyan jungle, has been open since March 3.

It is a joint venture between the Kenya Wildlife Service and Karakana Initiative, through its flagship project PhotoKenya.

Karakana Initiative’s director Steve Nderitu told the Star that the 10-day outdoor show will feature at least seven experienced nature and wildlife photographers.

The eye-catching collection includes work by veteran wildlife photographer Paras Chandaria, who was born and raised in the vast coastal city of Mombasa in Kenya.

Chandaria completed his O Levels at the London EGCE before enrolling at the University of Nottingham to earn a bachelor’s degree in business management.

“Although moving to Nairobi later on expanded my eyes to even being a better wildlife photographer, my early love of wildlife was created out of the love and curiosity of the natural wild,” Chandaria said in an interview.

“I learned early in my life that once I came across a wild animal it was down on me how long that encounter would last. This meant that I had to go the extra mile into making these wonderful moments last.

He said that his meteoric rise in photography began when he acquired his first camera in 2008.

“I spent so much time in the wild from that time capturing these unforgetful moments. My photography skills grew with the information I learned via YouTube and I Tune podcasts.”

He said he was glad that the path he chose to take allowed him to cultivate his protective and caring nature.

“The photographs I’ve taken in the wild are accurate depictions of events that happened, were seen, and were captured on camera.

“Every image I create has my emotional connection to nature at its core, creating a distinctive and artistic reflection of the wild to raise awareness of the lovely wildlife we have”.

Chandaria said he joined Save Nairobi National Park to raise awareness and educate people about wild animals.