Cats & Dogs Gone Wild! See the Hilarious Winners of the 2023 Comedy Pet Photography Awards

Cats & Dogs Gone Wild! See the Hilarious Winners of the 2023 Comedy Pet Photography Awards


The fourth annual competition brought out the best of house pet photography

<p>Michel Zoghzoghi</p>

Michel Zoghzoghi

‘A Life Changing Event,’ winner of the 2023 Comedy Pet Photography Awards

Photographers Paul Joynson-Hicks and Tom Sullam’s annual Comedy Pet Photography Awards celebrate the positive role pets have in people’s lives — and the hilarious moments captured in their day-to-day antics. “To be able to laugh out loud with these lovable creatures is the reason this competition exists,” said Sullam.

Above is the 2023 winner, Michel Zoghzoghi’s photo “A Life Changing Event.” Zoghzoghi, of Lebanon, grabbed this snap of his rescue kittens Alex and Max — whom he calls “a lethally cute duo” — showcasing their shy and playful personalities (we’ll let you guess who is who).

Read on to see more honorable mentions from the competition.

‘The First Happy Walk’

<p>Darya Zelentsova</p>

Photographer Darya Zelentsova captured “tiny, happy” ferret Boudicca enjoying her first outdoor walk in the U.S. at just 2 months old.

‘Zorro Reborn’

<p>Karl Goldhamer</p>

Nothing to see here! German photographer Karl Goldhamer took this picture of a masked black pup.

‘The Three Greys’

<p>Klaus-Peter Selzer</p>

“Karin and her two dogs in Germany,” Klaus-Peter Selzer said of this shot. “Don’t they all look almost the same?”


<p>Kazutoshi Ono</p>

As Japan-based shutterbug Kazutoshi Ono joked, “Perfect landing pose, right?”


<p>Chris Porsz</p>

Brtish photographer Chris Porsz caught a border collie mid-air at a dog park in New York City.

‘Is It a Seal or a Dog?’

<p>Monyque Macedo Dos Santos</p>

Monyque Macedo Dos Santos

Monyque Macedo Dos Santos found dog Louis in his favorite hiding place at home in Brazil — the sofa!

‘The Big Boss’

<p>Kenichi Morinaga</p>

“Big Boss is the boss around here,” wrote photographer Kenichi Morinaga of Japan. “He is gentle.”

‘Keep Your Eye on the Ball’

<p>Gill Woodcock</p>

Bumble’s eye was on the ball in British photog Gill Woodcock’s snap.

‘When Digging Gets Serious’

<p>Sophie Boynton</p>

Digging holes on the beach in the U.K., Shadow flipped upside down for photographer Sophie Boynton.

‘Football Free Kick’

<p>Kenichi Morinaga</p>

Morinaga (he had two celebrated pics!) thought this image captured the “pressure of football and waiting for [a] free kick.”

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