Why sell your old camera gear?

why sell your old camera


New cameras and lenses are exciting and in their haste to get out and use them, many photographers often forget to think about what to do with their old kit that they no longer use. Instead of leaving it to gather dust, our recommendation is that you sell it. Here’s why:

Make money from something you don’t use

When you sell something that you don’t use anymore, it feels like you’re getting free money, and who doesn’t like that? Naturally, more recent kit is likely to command a higher price but you might be surprised by how things add up when you have a few old items to sell.

With specialist retailers, online auctions sites and private sales, there are lots of ways to sell secondhand kit these days, but one of the easiest is to use MPB. MPB is the world’s largest platform for used photography and videography kit. It makes it easy to buy, sell or trade-in secondhand camera gear and you can get a quote for the kit you’re selling in a matter seconds. MPB can even arrange the courier to collect your kit for you, you just need to tell them what day you want the courier to call. Alternatively, you can drop it off at a convenient depot.

However you decide to sell your kit, pop over the our post about how to prepare your camera for selling to see how you can ensure you get the best price while the purchaser gets the best possible buying experience.


The best time to sell your old kit is often when you’re thinking about making a new purchase because you may be able to trade-in the gear you don’t (or won’t) use. Selling something can offset some of the cost of your new kit, but alternatively, it could mean that you are able to buy more, maybe getting the next camera model up or investing in a lens to go with the camera you’ve promised yourself.


Selling old gear is the environmentally-friendly thing to do because it makes use of an existing product that used energy, raw materials and other resources for its creation. Instead of it sitting around doing nothing, your old kit is put to the use it was intended for by its new owner. It also means that the new owner doesn’t have to buy a new camera or lens that would use up more resources. Reduce, reuse, recycle!

Give someone the chance to use your old kit

Let’s face it, photography is not a cheap hobby and not everyone can afford to buy new gear. By selling your old kit, you could be giving someone the opportunity to try photography for the first time, develop their hobby, or even start a new career, without having to spend a fortune. It gives you a warm fuzzy feeling.

Save space

If you don’t sell your kit, you have to store it. Rather than cluttering up your house, or leaving old gear lying around where it could get damaged, sell your kit as soon as you realise that you no longer need it.

Maybe it’s time to have a look through the camera gear that you have accumulated over years and decide what you could sell?