Escape: A Sense Of Relief From Everyday Life By Fang Tong

Escape: A Sense Of Relief From Everyday Life By Fang Tong

It seems to be a bright and colorful solo travel; the disguise hides the traveler’s loneliness. The same red dress re-appears in the vivid scenery, but the trip seems to be a series of surreal scenes. It may be just a dream or just a sense of relief and escape.

Instead of staging the scenes and stories, this time I place myself, the traveler, in real landscapes, in real deserts, and on real highways. It was a real trip, but I intentionally made the scenes look surreal and staged.

Overall, this series starts inside of a very realistic scene. Then, surreal imagery is overlaid within the works, creating a temporary escape from the reality of the everyday. Most people have flashes from the subconscious where they want to escape from their daily bonds and cares, not to run away, but to break free. We can call it dissociating by drifting away, creating an instantaneous sense of freedom, but then returning to realism with a better sense of harmony.















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