Wholly or Whole Me: BTS’ SUGA takes in the beautiful nature in the latest serene preview photos

Wholly or Whole Me: BTS’ SUGA takes in the beautiful nature in the latest serene preview photos


On February 21, BIGHIT MUSIC released the third preview photos for SUGA’s photo-folio called Wholly or Whole Me. He looks handsome in the bohemian jacket, white t-shirt and necklaces. The copper hair goes amazingly with his complexion! 

Previously, SUGA released the first preview image of ‘Special 8 Photo-Folio’ on BTS’s official social media handles. The video and photos released on the day show Suga enjoying freedom in nature, escaping from everyday life. SUGA chose ‘Wholly or Whole me’ as the theme for the pictorial, citing camping as the best moment to return to Min Yoongi as a whole instead of a glamorous stage appearance. In this pictorial set in her natural setting in Los Angeles, USA, SUGA depicts her journey to find himself in the vast nature.

Wholly or Whole Me: 

In ‘Wholly or Whole me’, SUGA enjoys a comfortable time in his hideout filled with things he likes, and various moments taken with a film camera are depicted. Like this, the pictorial ‘Wholly or Whole me’, decorated with items that reflect SUGA’s intentions and tastes, will be released on the 9th of next month. On the other hand, ‘Special 8 Photo-Folio’ is a project that BTS took on a new challenge, and a total of 8 types, including individual members and groups, were released one after another. Through this project, which was completed with active participation from the members from the planning stage to the concept, costumes, and props, you can see the different personalities and charms of the seven members.

Agust D’s tour: 

On February 21st, SUGA posted a poster of his world tour in major cities in the US, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Seoul and Japan on his official social media handles. On the poster showing SUGA staring straight ahead, SUGA and his other stage name, Agust D, were listed side by side, and the contrasting styling and colors expressed the two identities, creating a strong atmosphere. SUGA’s unique atmosphere further raised expectations.

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