‘Photography is like expression of one’s state of mind’

2022 Photography Assignment Winners


English photographer Eadweard Muybridge once said, “Only photography has been able to divide human life into a series of moments, each of them has the value of a complete existence.”

A visit to artist Bhupinder Brar’s Shapes of Silence photo exhibition organised by the Chandigarh Lalit Kala Akademi (CLKA) at the Alliance Francaise Art Gallery, Sector 36, Chandigarh is like looking at the world through a lens.

“My pictures, like John Lennon’s song Imagine, are contrafactual. They imagine a world that is free of its hectic pace, breathless rat race, and cacophonic noise – a world that is slow, almost completely still, anchored, silent, and at peace with itself,” Brar says.

On how it all started, he says, “I wanted to pursue painting but felt that I lacked skills. Then a trip to some areas in Ladakh that are not documented much inspired me to buy a secondhand camera from a friend and try my hand at photography. My works are not landscapes, but mindscapes. I capture, what I feel, is moods and minds in an abstract form.”

He adds that photography has a lot to do with your instincts. It’s like an expression of one’s state of mind.

“When your state of mind matches and clicks with the surroundings is when you capture the best of photographs,” Brar says.

Not carrying a camera all the time is like missing opportunities, he says, “You might go back to the place at the exact moment on some other day, trying to recreate the moment but it won’t be the same. If that ‘it’ moment is gone, it’s gone.”

His advice to those trying to pursue their passion in photography is to embrace uniqueness and develop their own signature style. “Find your voice, something that’s exclusively yours. And don’t focus too much on expensive equipment or technique. If your inner voice says a click is good, that should be enough.”


What: Shapes of Silence: Photo exhibition

Where: Art Gallery of Alliance Francaise, Sector 36, Chandigarh

On till: February 12

Timing: 9am-1pm and 3pm-7pm; Sunday closed

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