“Typology Of The American Teenager”: 35 Captivating Photographs By Richard Renaldi

"Typology Of The American Teenager": 35 Captivating Photographs By Richard Renaldi


The genre of portraiture in photography has always been personal and intriguing. Early photographers were drawn to capturing the likenesses and expressions of others through the lens, preserving a moment in time. Today, the interest in using people as subjects in photography remains strong, as their appearance, gestures, and emotions hint at deeper stories that remain just out of reach.

For Richard Renaldi, portraiture is definitely his passion, as his career is grounded in the exploration of this genre. The artist has released numerous portrait series. We’ve already showcased Richard’s captivating project, titled “Touching Strangers”, which got a lot of positive reactions. So, in today’s article, we want to share one of his other photo series, “Typology of the American Teenager”, containing pictures of teenagers from across the United States. The series depicts the diversity and individuality of American teenagers, highlighting their unique personalities and characteristics through the lens of Renaldi’s camera.

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