Top Aspen Colorado Art & Photography Galleries

The Crown


Aspen Colorado Art & Photography Galleries

Colorado is full of interesting little towns and settlements. Some have existed for ages while others are relatively new, but each Colorado town has a unique identity that attracts visitors and new residents year-round. Aspen is one of the most well-known of these areas, as is Aspen’s art scene. If you’re planning a visit, consider visiting one or more of the galleries covered in this article.

The Crown

Cloud shadows flow across the face of the scarred peaks of Colorado’s Maroon Bells Wilderness. Glimpses of jade boulders on the lakebottom are seen through the veil of gold radiated by the autumnal aspens on the shore. Fine Art Limited Edition of 50.

Aaron Reed Photography in Aspen, Colorado?

An Aspen Colorado Art Gallery has been on my short this now for a number of years as a place I would enjoy operating a gallery for my fine art photography work. Aside from my home in Washington State, Colorado is one of the few other states I would enjoy living in, with diversity in its seasons and endless natural wonder and wilderness. Only time will tell if this dream becomes a reality. Until then, you can see all of my Colorado Photography in my online Art Photography Galleries.

Crimson Heights

Towering Aspen and Silver Birch trees intertwine to create a wall of autumn splendor on Last Dollar Road between Telluride and Ridgway in Colorado. Fine Art Limited Edition of 50.

Aspen, Colorado

Aspen is a cozy mountain area up in the Rockies, and even people who have never been to Aspen have heard of the exceptional skiing landscape the mountains offer visitors and residents alike. The community embraces fine art and has an impressive selection of galleries for being a relatively small town with only around 6,000 residents.

Additionally, Aspen offers visitors the best in high-quality, luxury accommodations, an array of outdoor activities to take part in, and a variety of fantastic cuisine options. Depending on the time of year that vacationers arrive in Aspen, the opportunities to explore and have fun vary. There’s always something to do in Aspen, though, which is why so many of the world’s richest and most famous people either call this area home or stop by on occasion.

Jeff Bezos of Amazon, Bruce Halle of Discount Tire, Ann Walton Kroenke of Walmart, Stewart and Lynda Resnick of Pom and Fiji Water, and William Wrigley Jr. of Wrigley Gum are only a few of Aspen’s wealthiest residents.

Orange Crush

The marble white columns of a stand of quaking aspen looks like tears through a bolt of golden fabric on a fall day in Telluride, Colorado. The grove is so dense that even the leaves seem to have trouble finding space to flourish. Fine Art Limited Edition of 100.

The art scene is a big part of Aspen’s culture, as most Aspen residents have an eye for art and focus their attention on nurturing the creative community. Art and culture are tightly woven into the fabric of the town’s history as well as its modern identity. As such, several art galleries line the streets of the town’s center, and each gallery houses an array of diverse pieces that showcase the different forms art can take.

Galleries, art centers, studios, and museums house individual pieces and promote in-depth learning experiences throughout Aspen’s landscape.

Top Aspen Colorado Art & Photography Galleries

If you’re visiting Aspen in the near future, read on to learn about a few of the art and photography galleries you can visit during your trip. You certainly won’t want to miss out on these interesting views and unique perspectives.

Lonely Afternoons

Like a ghost ship floating on a sea of gold, an empty rowboat drifts across a pond near Telluride, Colorado at the peak of autumn. Fine Art Limited Edition of 50.

Galerie Maximillian

Galerie Maximillian, or Galerie Max, houses a broad variety of modern and contemporary art pieces. Contemporary and British Contemporary artists like Chanel Abney, Glenn Brown, Marc Quinn, Ebony Patterson, and Marina Adams have pieces showcased in this gallery. Additionally, the collection includes 19th-century, 20th-century, and 21st-century works of art.

Past exhibitions have focused on the work of artists like Sarah Graham, Peter Doig, and Suzy Murphy.

Address: 602 E Cooper Ave, Aspen, CO 81611

The Baldwin Gallery

Much like the Galerie Maximillian, the Baldwin Gallery supports a wide variety of artists by exhibiting their unique works of art. Marilyn Minter, Ewan Gibbs, George Stoll, Delia Brown, and Andres Serrano are among the plethora of names displayed in this diverse gallery.

Impossible Flower, an exhibit by Jim Hodges is currently on display at the Baldwin Gallery, and will be until February 12th of next year. Past exhibits have included Austin Eddy and his sculptures, David Levinthal’s polaroids, Donald Sultan’s paintings, and Intersections by Peter Coffin.

Address: 209 S Galena St, Aspen, CO 81611

Sweet Dreams

Golden light from the early morning sun illuminates a forest of beautiful aspen trees at the peak of autumn in Telluride, Colorado. Fine Art Limited Edition of 50.

Elliot Yeary Gallery

The Elliot Yeary Gallery hosts numerous types of art, including paintings, photographic stills, sculptures, abstract pieces, and jewelry. In addition to the gallery showcasing pieces by various artists, Elliot Yeary is also an art shop that carries pieces from an array of art mediums.

Jeff Sojka, Angela Bawden, Gigi Clozeau, Jessie Chaney, and Aida Bergsen are a few artists whose incredible creations are either on display or available for purchase at this gallery.

Address: 419 E Hyman Ave # 7, Aspen, CO 81611

The Raven Gallery

The Raven Gallery displays a massive variety of sculptures and other art pieces, many of which use nearby minerals and exhibit vibrant, beautiful colors. Wood, glass, metal, abstract art displays, and paintings are easy to come by here, and each one of them embraces the individualized craftsmanship that went into their creation.

Hiroshi Yamano, Bertil Vallien, Bruce Thurman, Paul Schwieder, Marlene Rose, and Jeffrey Mann are among the many artists who have pieces on display at the Raven Gallery.

Address: 433 E Cooper Ave, Aspen, CO 81611

Morning Glory

The first light of day kisses the snow covered peaks of the Rocky Mountains outside Telluride, Colorado on a cool autumn morning. Fine Art Limited Edition of 50.

Peter Lik Fine Art Photography

The Peter Lik Fine Art Gallery is a work of art both in the building’s interior design and the display of art pieces therein. The gallery is arranged in a way that makes it extra inviting and much of the art on display is inspired by the local surroundings.

Peter Lik’s photography captures a wide range of subjects, including abstract views, deserts, water, wildlife, and several cityscapes. His photos can either be realistic or so surreal that they resemble paintings. There’s truly a unique variety to be experienced in this gallery.

Address: 406 E Hopkins Ave, Aspen, CO 81611

Christoper Martin Gallery

This gallery showcases Christopher Martin’s work, including his variety of paintings on both acrylic and canvas. His first gallery was opened over two decades ago in Dallas, Texas, and in 2010, he expanded and brought his art to the Aspen area.

This gallery displays original pieces, limited editions of his work, and pieces that are available for purchase. This gallery is an excellent stop to make for a collector looking to bring home a new piece.

Address: 525 E Cooper Ave, Aspen, CO 81611


The interplay of sky and mirrored lake create an azure hourglass of clouds and mist in Colorado’s Maroon Bells Wilderness. Flurries of gold fly across the hillsides as the groves of quaking aspen awaken to the fall season. Fine Art Limited Edition of 100.

Aspen, in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains, is a ski resort town and year-round destination for outdoor recreation. It’s also known for high-end restaurants and boutiques, and landmarks like the Wheeler Opera House, built in 1889 during the area’s silver mining boom. The Wheeler-Stallard House is a local history museum set in a 19th-century, Queen Anne–style home, while the Aspen Art Museum displays contemporary artworks.

A visit to Aspen, Colorado is hardly complete without exploring the community’s art scene. Since art is such an important part of Aspen’s unique identity, you’re sure to learn more about the environment and feel more connected to the area when you take a look at it through the eyes of artists who found inspiration here.

Autumn Branches

Branches like arteries stretch in every direction providing the nutrients of life to the leaves of this Aspen tree in Ridgway, Colorado. Fine Art Limited Edition of 50.