Top 5 Drones For Aerial Photography and Video in 2023

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Best camera drones 2023: Capture stunning aerial photography and video

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It’s unbelievable that drones were not around just a few years ago and that the first drones to be introduced in the market were no more than novelty toys for people who loved gadgets. Cut to 2023, these days drones are doing a whole lot of things like recceing new places, dropping food, helping maintain law and order, and also capturing images and video from up above.

This review is about the best drone cameras for aerial photography and videography and sticking to the topic, we shall be reviewing 5 drones that do this superlatively.

This review will help those creative people who are looking to introduce drones into their aerial photography arsenal and are confused with all the choices, decide which drone to pick for upping their game.

Theirs is going to be a tough choice as almost all drones on the market look the same and offer similar features.

Read on to get the answer to the question, “which drone for aerial photography and videography should I buy”, in just 3 short minutes and take your photography and video to the next level.

1. XPro Drone – Best Stunning Aerial Photography & Video

This is a relatively inexpensive drone (under $100) that records good video and takes awesome pictures from up above in the sky.

What’s even better is that it is easy to operate and super durable as it is made using high quality material.

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XPro Drone is an affordable quadcopter manufactured by an Estonian Technology company with an excellent track record in drone technology.

The X Pro Drone comes with multiple useful features like gravity sensor, and multiple recording modes- all for a decent price.

Camera -It has a 4K, HD, 12 megapixels pinhole camera.

Resolution– Its resolution capability is 720P HD with a high frame rate for exceptional picture quality.

Stability– It comes with a gravity sensor that is great at providing stability and navigation.

Connectivity – It works with Wi-Fi connectivity.

Remote controller-It comes with a mobile holder that extends out and has one-key return, direction control, head-less mode, triggers etc.

Battery– It has a 3.7V 500 lithium battery with 10 minutes batter quality.

Flight range– It can go one kilometer without losing its Wi-Fi connectivity with your mobile.

Altitude– It can fly up to 100 meters into the skies before it starts losing stability.

Speed– Its flight speed is 12 meters per second which is considered fast. You can also use the dual-speed setting on this drone to switch between high and low speeds.

X Pro Drone is also GPS calibrated with one-button return capabilities, has a flight time of 26 minutes and can return back to you even on low battery.

It even has a great stabilization function and has dedicated processing against wind. Its remote controller is also ultra-precise.

It has rechargeable batteries, comes with a foldable design and is easy to fly.

X Pro Drone is, thus, overall a great product.

What’s in the box

This drone is shipped to you in a super -quality, decent box and contains-

  1. The drone

  2. Remote controller

  3. Rechargeable battery

  4. Extra propellers

  5. Prop guards

  6. Manual

Pros and Cons


  1. Durable, made with robust material

  2. Offers value for money

  3. Excellent HD camera for recording high quality videos and pictures

  4. Excellent price

  5. Beginner- friendly


  1. Flight time could have been higher


This is a very good drone, especially if you are a beginner, as it allows you to understand the nuances of flying a drone.

2. Tactic AIR Drone – Best Affordable Camera Drone in Australia

Tactic AIR Drone uses smart features and is an advanced product suitable for bothe beginners and professionals. Backed by an awesome dual camera that can capture images and video in 4k HD quality, this drone is unbeatable and a must-have for any professional still and video photographer worth his salt.

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Dual camera with wide-angle lens-this camera allows you to shoot 4K video. You can also use the split screen or picture- in- picture mode so you can capture numerous photos and from different angles, at one time.

Drone gesture control– it recognizes your movements so you can literally snap your fingers to capture a still picture or a video.

Resolution– the 4K UHD or ultra high definition resolution allows you to capture awesome pictures even when the drone is flying high in the sky. The 9 million pixels mean all your videos and photos will have good details and have a rich image quality.

Advanced ‘follow me’ mode– this mode allows the Tactic AIR Drone to keep you in view so it can click that awesome still or record video as soon as you make a gesture when a perfect photo opportunity arises. You can also seamlessly control where the camera goes and what it captures. Anti-collision system– the drone can adjust its flight path to avoid collisions with persons and objects or just other drones.

Long-lasting battery- 3.7V 300mAh Lithium ion rechargeable battery

Flight time – 20 minutes

Pros and Cons


  1. Has a dual camera feature to make multi-angle shooting possible.

  2. Captures stills and videos in high quality with its 4K camera

  3. Light and portable

  4. Does not get stuck in flight

  5. Long flight time

  6. Understands gestures

  7. Equipped with smart features

  8. Cost is affordable at just about £244.


Only available online.


This drone is perfect for beginners and professionals alike and is already extremely popular in Australia, UK, Canada, Singapore, USA, Deutschland, New Zealand, Russia, etc. Click the best images and videos using this drone anywhere.

3. DroneXS – Best for Shooting Live Video in Australia

This drone is known as the best drone for shooting Live video. It is, in fact, a live streamer’s delight.

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It comes with selling points like precise control from a remote, small- sized and durability, availability of Live streaming from the drone’s camera, safe for children as it comes with rounded-tip propellers, easy-to-charge battery and also the fact that it comes with protection braces.

The excellent product is available at a standout price of just $99.

What’s in the box

Drone XS


Rechargeable battery

Charging cable

User manual

The DroneXS’s kit also includes 4 propeller blades. The screwdriver in the package can be used to fix the blades to fly the drone.


  1. DroneXS is a quadcopter drone.

  2. It has 3 different flight speeds and a viewing range of 120-degrees

  3. Camera- 720p Full HD 12 megapixel camera

  4. Battery -3.7V 500MAH Lipo battery

  5. Flying time: up to 60 minutes

  6. 5G WiFi high-speed connection

  7. Capable of speeds of up to 19 meters per second

  8. Foot range- Up to 3,000

  9. Automatic self-stabilization technology

  10. ‘Slo-mo’ mode is available as an advanced feature

  11. Comes with Drone XS Tracking system- you can press the auto return button to bring it back into sight if you lose sight of it.

Pros and Cons


  1. Small and lightweight

  2. Easy-to-control drone

  3. It’s also a professional -grade drone

  4. Comes with several kid-safety features like rounded propellers

  5. Safe enough to be flown indoors through windows and doors.

  6. Records 720p HD videos

  7. Splash-proof, durable and compact

  8. Made with semi- hard material

  9. Comes with ‘Edit Video’ option

  10. Trajectory flight feature available

  11. Longer battery life

  12. Elegant looking

  13. Simple to use

  14. Produces high-quality photos and video

  15. Is foldable

  16. Comes with a wide-angle lens

  17. Includes a gravity sensor so it doesn’t bump into objects while in air and navigates well

  18. Has a slo-mo mode.


  1. Limited stock is available, and that too is running out fast

  2. Only available online.


This high-quality drone has become one of the most popular choices among photography and filmmaking professionals and aficionados because of its awesome camera features, ease of use, navigability and wide-angle lens.

4. DroneX Pro – Best For Portability & Great Image Quality

DroneX Pro is the fastest drone in its size, flying at a speed of 12 meters/second. This is a foldable drone in which the propellers fold inwards to make it easy to travel with. This drone is thus loved by travel photographers.

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You get on-point HD photos and video with this compact drone too and get to record HD video per second and take photos up to 720P camera resolution too.


Flying time- up to 10 minutes of flying and filming time without having to change batteries

Camera- HD 720P 12 megapixels camera. This high-quality pinhole camera can record epic videos and stills

Gravity sensor for better navigation

Replay mode for replaying recorded video in high-definition mode

Panorama mode- activate 360 degree photos with just a click of the button

Flying speed- speed of up to 12 meters per second

Transmission distance – 2km

Flight range – 1 km

Battery- 3.7V 500 lithium battery

Flight speed- 12m/sec

Pros and Cons


  1. Robust, compact, durable

  2. Cheaper than most beginner drones

  3. Records video and stills in HD pictures

  4. Panoramic view is available for better pictures and videos. This mode is extremely useful in filmmaking.


  1. Has a shorter flight time

  2. Available only online.


This is a great beginner drone that is suitably priced. It can be transported easily and securely too, plus it gives a 360 degree view of the landscape.

5. SmartyDrone – Top Drone for Beginner Photographers

This drone is made keeping the needs of a beginner and a professional in mind. One of its best features is that you can check the footage while recording on your smartphone. This super drone also has multiple flight modes that help the user click better pictures and videos.

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The SmartyDrone can also fly in all directions and can be fully controlled with a smartphone.


  1. Equipped with advanced flight stabilization

  2. One button take-off and easy landing control

  3. Has front and side anti-collision sensors

  4. Remotely controlled camera

  5. Extremely compact, foldable, portable and easy to use

  6. Compatible with smartphones- connect your drone to your smartphone and it is ready to fly.

  7. It comes with 50x Zoom lens- for close and far shots

  8. Battery life- battery lasts for hours

  9. Optical flow camera- it can allow the drone to be adjusted while in flight

  10. Gravity sensor-for better navigation

  11. Sturdy device

  12. 360° rotational movement- the drone can rotate in a 360° circle while in flight so it doesn’t miss any detail of the sight.

  13. Camera – 720p Standard High-definition (HD) camera that can take photographs of objects around 1,200 feet away

  14. Other features are that this drone can be flown over 3000 feet for a bird’s eye perspective

  15. It is also extremely stable and competitively priced at $99.

Pros and cons


  1. Sharp photos and videos due to the 4K dual HD camera that captures images with a quality that is twice as good as the High-definition (HD) quality.

  2. Broad range of coverage

  3. 360 degree rotational movement available for better pictures and videos

  4. It is an excellent drone for beginners as it introduces not just flying to a novice, but also the basic features of videography and photography at a competitive price

  5. It has a GPS positioning system which means the drone can navigate well

  6. The control of the drone is via a good-quality android or iOS phone app

  7. The above two features give higher-end features like ‘follow me’ where the drone will follow the location of your phone and also make it easy to fly. You can let go of the controls- and the drone will hover overhead too.


  1. Stock running out due to high demand

  2. Only available for buying online.


This drone can be controlled by your smartphone and has most, if not all features, required for professional photography like follow me function and 360 degree rotational ability.

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How to choose the best drone for yourself

How do you choose the right drone to buy? You can start at the budget. All the drones featured in this review are drones for aerial photography and videography. These tend to be pricier than the other stunt drones.

Some of the drones featured here are for beginners and others for professionals and there is yet another category that caters to both. Choose wisely by reading carefully and deciding wisely.

Now the second question- what specific features should you be looking out for? You must decide beforehand, for example, if you want a drone that can automatically track you vs. one that needs to be directly controlled. Once you’ve decided this, look for a drone with the ‘follow me’ function like Tactic AIRDrone.

If you are a beginner, you may also want to check out drones with automated flight modes which don’t require any real flying skills.

Also do check if the drone you are buying works with your phone.

You should also check out the local drone laws in your country. You may have to get your drone registered if it’s too heavy, for example. Find out more before buying a drone, so that you don’t have to spend more on registration fees.

Professional photographers, meanwhile, should look out for photo support features.

Best Drone Camera in Australia – Conclusion

Remember, the cheaper drones do a good job, but you should focus on what you want and make sure you get it in the price range of your choice. Apart from focusing on the camera, make sure that you take the drone’s battery into account as even the most expensive aerial photography drone cameras run out of power in about 30 minutes. Carrying an extra backup battery is the only option and you have to make sure that you factor this cost into the overall drone cost.

Finally, look for a drone camera that’s really good if you are serious about your craft and want high- quality visual output.

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