This Canon EOS camera is perfect for astrophotography beginners, and its price just dropped below $350

Canon EOS Rebel T7

Looking for a great camera for astrophotography? This Canon EOS Rebel T7 deal at Walmart might be just the thing.

This 24.1 Megapixel snapper is already priced competitively relative to other DSLR options, and its ease of use makes it an ideal pick for beginners – particularly those looking for the best astrophotography camera (opens in new tab) without spending astrophotography prices.

Better yet, Walmart has cut over $130 off of the MSRP (opens in new tab), bringing it down to comfortably under $400 – a huge deal for anyone looking to get started in the field but still wants plenty of great features.

Key features: Full HD video, Wi-Fi connectivity, 3-inch display, 24.1 MP sensor

Product launched: November 2021

Price history: The Canon EOS Rebel T7 has seen discounts before, but this deal makes it the lowest it has ever been – the last time it was discounted, it was still over $400, and while it’s now just under that price at Best Buy and Amazon, Walmart has them beat.

Price comparison: Amazon: $399 (opens in new tab) | Walmart: $346.99 (opens in new tab) | Best Buy: $399.99 (opens in new tab)

Reviews consensus: The Canon EOS Rebel T7 is a solid camera for new shutterbugs thanks to its easy-to-use features and controls, as well as a decent 500-shot battery life. It’s not got everything (4K video is a notable absence), but at this price, it’s an ideal pickup. 

TechRadar: ★★★½ (opens in new tab)  | Toms Guide: ★★★½ (opens in new tab)

Buy it if: You’re new to DSLR photography, with an eye on astrophotography. The Canon EOS Rebel T7 is an ideal starting point, especially at this price, because it’s easy to use.

Don’t buy it if: You want to record 4K video, would prefer to use a touchscreen to interact with your camera, or want a more premium feel.