The new Museum of Art & Photography (MAP) stirs up Bengaluru’s art scene | Architectural Digest India

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To protect the artworks and artefacts from ultraviolet light, the main galleries are opaque enclosures with temperature and humidity control.

Björn Wallander

To step into MAP’s premises is to be enveloped in this sense of quietude. Spread over five floors, its 44,000-square-foot area houses a café, a rooftop restaurant, an auditorium, a library, a conservation centre, and five galleries containing more than 60,000 works. MAP’s aim of democratizing art and culture has resulted in an exciting, and excitingly curated, mix of pre-modern, modern, contemporary, tribal, and popular artworks, along with photography, textiles, crafts, and design. To showcase this thrilling mix, Mathew & Ghosh created airy, column-free spaces through which people move fluidly, but at their own pace—at times pausing to reflect, at other times reaching out to touch objects helpfully marked out to indicate tactile exploration.

Björn Wallander