The 2023 Comedy Pet Photography Award Results Are in and the Winners Are Epic

The 2023 Comedy Pet Photography Award Results Are in and the Winners Are Epic


Anyone who owns a pet knows just how funny and entertaining our animal friends can be. Pets have the cutest ways of expressing their feelings, and they have just the perfect amount of unpredictability. There’s no denying it–even while they’re sleeping, animals have a way of making us laugh.

That’s why wildlife photographer friends Tom Sullam and Paul Joynson-Hicks started the annual Comedy Pet Photography Awards. The duo was previously part of a similar contest for wildlife photography when they realized how successful a comedy pet photo competition would be.

LMAO! Our jaws dropped when we saw the ‘flying’ dog, but let’s be honest–all of these photos are completely golden! As pet owners, we know what it’s like to capture those once-in-a-lifetime photos of our fur babies. The sweet photos are oh-so-special, but the funny pictures? They could put a smile on anyone’s face!

The five pet photographs from this Instagram Reel are just 5 of the 25 finalists for his year’s Comedy Pet Photography Awards! You can check out all of the finalist’s entries on the competition’s website.

This year’s awards have 7 separate categories, including: video entries, funny dogs, silly cats, hilarious horses, “all other creatures,” pets who look like their owners, and juniors. The junior category allowed pet owners 16 and under to submit photos for free, though we can’t tell which ones were from that category. They’re all so good!

The official winners of the photo contest will be announced on August 11, though viewers can visit the People’s Choice voting page to select their favorite image. The picture with the most votes will win the People’s Choice Award, so why not take a minute to browse through them all? The funny animal pictures are probably exactly what you need!

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