A hungry snake tried to eat a porcupine. It didn’t go well, Israel photo shows

A hungry snake tried to eat a porcupine. It didn’t go well, Israel photo shows

A snake in Israel discovered why porcupines aren’t a good part of a serpent’s diet, a photo shows.

The snake and porcupine both died when the reptile tried to rid itself of its now-unwanted meal, according to a Facebook post by the Nature and Gardens Authority.

A photo with the post shows the snake and its spiny prey dead near a dog park in the community of Shoham, the post said.

A non-venomous black snake died trying to devour a porcupine near Shoham in Israel.

“It can be assumed that the snake tried to devour the porcupine and as soon as it decided to abandon its unusual meal, it realized the magnitude of its mistake,” reptile ecologist Aviad Bar said on Facebook, according to a translation by The Jerusalem Post.

But it was too late — the one-way direction of the porcupine’s protective quills prevented the snake from spitting it out, leaving both animals dead, Bar said on Facebook.

He identified the snake as a non-venomous member of the black whip snake species. Israel has 41 species of snakes and three species of porcupines, according to The Jerusalem Post.

Shoham is a community in central Israel about 15 miles southeast of Tel Aviv.

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