Talent, Passion, and Perseverance: The Story of Nilangana Banerjee, a Rising Star in the Photography Industry

Talent, Passion, and Perseverance: The Story of Nilangana Banerjee, a Rising Star in the Photography Industry


Nilangana Banerjee, widely known as Olive in her professional world, is an extraordinarily talented photographer & an art director, currently based in Los Angeles, California. She was born and raised in Mumbai, India, and went through varying societal limitations (like many youngsters) in India to pursue and build an extraordinary and internationally acclaimed academic career in the field of photography. However, her intense passion, perseverance and utmost dedication to achieve and excel in the field of photography could not be suppressed and thus pushed her in a much larger domain of photography, internationally.

Growing up, Nilangana was encouraged to pursue in various artistic fields by her parents, such as music, painting & crafts etc., However, due to limited exposure and formal training available in these fields, only academic subjects were given priority in the Indian education system. Despite the lack of opportunities for art-based subjects, Nilangana discovered her immense passion for photography during her high school years. She had her first hand learning experiences in photography using some of the photographic equipment belonged to her father, an amateur photographer. It was not until the end of her high school years that she had realized, photography was the right medium of art that had the potential to bloom her imagination into a new birth of life in a different dimension. Meanwhile, Nilangana continued to sketch and paint, but all through, photography remained her primary choice to explicitly express her sense of creativity.

She ultimately entered the field of photography professionally through pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in Still Photography and Audio-Visual Production in Mumbai. During her bachelor’s degree, she discovered her interest in various fields like industrial, architectural & interior, portraiture, and conceptual fashion/editorial photography. Thereafter, she had undergone specialization within these fields during her first Master’s degree from Light and Life Academy in India.

Following the completion of her Master’s in India, she worked on putative projects with the Taj Group of Hotels, Four point Sheraton Group of hotels, and other numerous projects from variety of genres in India and abroad. Despite gaining substantial exposure in the Indian photography industry, Nilangana still felt the need to refine her skills and expand her horizons globally. She therefore joined the New York Film Academy‘s cutting-edge Masters of Fine Arts in Photography program, having won the prestigious Talent Award Scholarship, which is awarded to less than one percent of international artists. Nilangana graduated summa cum laude from the New York Film Academy and was graced as a notable alumni of the school.

Since graduation from NYFA, LA, her expanding field of commercial work has gained immense praise and appreciation from reputed photographic institutions, companies, such as Amazon, Walmart, Forever 21, Target, Nordstrom, etc, and numerous publications worldwide. Her work has been featured in VICE Magazine and various fashion & editorial magazines, including L’Attirance Magazine France, MALVIE Magazine France, MOEVIR Paris, DOLCE Magazine Spain, MOVEUX Magazine France, ELLAS Magazine Spain, BLOOM ROMA Italy, VOUS Magazine Spain, VANITY WALL Magazine New York, ROIDX Paris, 17:23 Magazine New York, HORIZONT Magazine New York, GMARO, FADDY ITALY Magazine, MOB JOURNAL, and many more.

Nilangana has always been an entrepreneur with finest professionalism. Her ability to stay consistent and dedicated in all her endeavors had been the key to her success in her dream industry. Despite facing societal pressure to pursue a traditional academic career, she maintained her passion for photography and art, which has yielded a successful career in the field. Her unique blend of traditional and contemporary elements, coupled with her keen eye for details has resulted in visually stunning and thought-provoking images that have been featured in numerous reputed publications worldwide. With her creativity, photography skills, and passion for the art form, Nilangana Banerjee is undoubtedly a rising star in the industry, and her future endeavors are sure to be raised at the apex of her career with worthy success.

Website: www.nilanganabanerjee.com

Instagram: @nilangana.official

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/nilanganabanerjee/

Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/nilanganab/

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