Poll: Do you own a mobile tripod for your smartphone?

Google Pixel 4 on tripod


Google Pixel 4 on tripod

Hadlee Simons / Android Authority

Today’s smartphones come with some smart imaging tech, allowing you to shoot night mode snaps and even some long exposures without the use of a tripod.

There are still times when you might need a mobile tripod for your smartphone, though. So with that being said, we wanted to know whether you indeed owned a tripod for your phone. You can give us your answer by voting in the poll below.

Do you own a mobile tripod for your smartphone?

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There are a few reasons to mount your phone to a tripod. For one, astrophotography modes and astro timelapses require this option. You might also want to use a tripod to reduce blur when shooting at night, or when using dedicated long-exposure/light painting modes. A tripod is also handy for group shots or to simply keep your phone as still as possible for recording video clips.

Then again, most phones deliver high-quality night shots just fine when in handheld mode. We’ve also seen devices like the Pixel series offering long-exposure/motion mode effects without the need of a tripod. So a mobile tripod doesn’t seem like a necessity for most situations.