Stunning graphicically-composed photos win in 2022 ViewSonic ColorPro Award

viewsonic awards 2022 listing image

Monitor manufacturer ViewSonic revealed the winners of its third ColorPro Award at a ceremony in London last week. 

Themed ‘Breakthrough’, the award is open to entrants around the world and a total of 11,000 works were submitted, across the Photography and Digital Art categories. 

The Photography award was won by Alireza Bagheri Sani of Iran, for his image ‘No.3’. Second place went to Callie Chee Yuen Mun from Australia for ‘Unfazed’, with ‘The Priest’ by Andrea Peruzzi of Italy took third place. 

Visitors to the event were able to get hands-on time with current and forthcoming ColorPro products, plus listen to talks about the range. 

Following its appearance in London, the ColorPro Award show moves on to Taipei in Taiwan, where the shortlisted and winning images will be displayed from 9-11 December. 

Click here to view the Top 10 and Top 100 images from ‘Breakthrough’ (opens in new tab)

During the introduction to the presentation in London, ViewSonic explained that ‘Breakthrough’ was a natural evolution from ‘New adventure’, the previous year’s theme. 

“As the world seeks full recovery from the pandemic, ‘Breakthrough’ represents overcoming an obstacle and permission for further progress. 

“With two times more submissions and three times more countries participating in the contest, this is a great embodiment of a breakthrough.”

2022 ColorPro Award: top three entries

“The older adult symbolizes long life, and the yellow color in number 3 represents hope. Minimalism, surrealism and street photography are all wrapped up into one seemingly simple image at first glance. However, the changing size of the doors, the central positioning of the subject, and the pop of yellow ensure the image doesn’t become flattened. Creativity doesn’t always have to be loud.”  (Image credit: © Alireza Bagheri Sani)

“The photographer ventured into Kyrgyzstan in search of eagle hunters skilled in their hunts and horsemanship. She wanted a never-done-before shot, a breakthrough perspective of the horsemen and eagle that is able to demonstrate the speed and control of the rider-animal dynamics. She lay flat on the ground (with no protection) and waited for the horses to gallop and jump very close and over her.” (Image credit: © Callie Chee Yuen Mun)

“Illuminated by the sun’s golden light, the elderly priest stops on the narrow and dangerous path that, overlooking the valley and along the rocky wall of the mountain, leads to the 12th-century rock church, of which he has been the guardian for 60 years. This Orthodox church, carved into the rock atop a mountain in northern Ethiopia, houses frescoes of biblical stories and ancient relics handed down to the present day.” (Image credit: © Andrea Peruzzi)

The ColorPro Award has opened another communication channel between the brand and the end user, although Kumar is keen to stress that the competition is not just a marketing opportunity. 

“We’re developing a community [with these awards]: we started off with 3,000 entrants, now it’s up to 11,000, and we are learning from what is being fed back to us. 

“It’s actually developing and working with a community of creative people, getting feedback from them and working with them, then bringing it back to our business unit in Asia… that is something we really crave. We want their input – it’s vitally important for us.” 

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