Stunning Entries from 16th Annual Competition

Stunning Entries from 16th Annual Competition

Thanks to smartphones, we’ve never been so well-equipped to take fantastic photos. The exceptional quality of smartphone cameras can be truly incredible, and there is no better example of this than the entries of this year’s iPhone Photography Awards, which has just announced the winners of the sixteenth annual competition. 

The winning photographers hail from all over the world, with the grand prize being awarded to Ivan Silva, from Mexico. His entry, entitled ‘Heroe’ (below), is a testament to the fact that you don’t need a professional camera to capture stunning photographs. Below are some of the other mesmerising images captured on iPhones by the talented winning photographers, including the entry of Thea Mihu, who won Photographer of the Year. 

Grand Prize Winner: ‘Heroe’ by Ivan Silva 

Photograph: Ivan Silva / IPPAWARDS

1st Place in Photographer of the Year: ‘Soy Sauce Village’ by Thea Mihu

Photograph: Thea Mihu / IPPAWARDS

‘Taming Waves’ by Sasa Borozan

Photograph: Sasa Borozan / IPPAWARDS

‘Once en Rosa’ by Skye Snyder

Photograph: Skye Snyder / IPPAWARDS

‘Oculus’ by Akira P. 

Photograph: Akira P. / IPPAWARDS

‘Castles in Nature’ by Di Lu

Photograph: Di Lu / IPPAWARDS

 ‘Majestic Bald Cypress Stand’ by Pamela-Jones Morton

Photograph: Pamela Jones-Norton / IPPAWARDS

 ‘Islas Afortunadas’ by Alina Rudya 

Photograph: Alina Rudya / IPPAWARDS

 ‘Ba Jia Jiang’ by Surong Zhu

Photograph: Surong Zhu / IPPAWARDS

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