Galaxy S23 phones use Lightroom as default RAW photo editor

Galaxy S23 phones use Lightroom as default RAW photo editor


Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra AM AH 09

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Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra AM AH 09

Samsung has teamed up with Adobe to exclusively use its Lightroom software to handle RAW images on Galaxy S23 phones. This partnership makes the new Galaxy flagships the ideal tool for advanced smartphone photography enthusiasts and pros.

Most of us usually capture photos in JPEG format on our smartphones. They work fine for preserving our memories, and social media uploads. But professionals like RAW photos better. These image files are stored in the Digital Negative (DNG) format invented by Adobe back in 2006. They offer better quality and give more flexibility when editing. You get better control over parameters like exposure, color balance, sharpness, and more.

But smartphones capture JPEG photos by default because RAW files are a pain to handle. Most photo viewers and editing apps aren’t comfortable with RAW files, including Google Photos. To ease these difficulties, Samsung is integrating Adobe’s Lightroom into the Galaxy S23 series. Adobe photography marketing chief Stephen Baloglu told CNET that Galaxy S23 users will be able to open RAW photos directly in Lightroom after capturing through the Expert RAW app.

Samsung isn’t shipping the phones pre-installed with the Lightroom software, though. But users will be prompted to install it when they use Expert RAW. Lightroom will then be the default RAW photo editor. As the new report notes, the phone version of Lightroom is available for free. However, a $10 per month Premium subscription unlocks plenty of additional features, including laptop sync. The Galaxy S23 trio will offer two months of free Premium trial.

Galaxy S23 phones take smartphone photography to a new level

Smartphone cameras have come a long way over the years. Industry experts say smartphones will soon replace traditional cameras as there’s hardly a gap in image quality now. But the slim and compact nature of smartphones doesn’t give much space for larger image sensors. As such, they use computational photography techniques — merging multiple frames into one photo — for better image quality and dynamic range. Capturing RAW photos is a way for professionals to replace their traditional cameras with smartphones.

Samsung already allows Galaxy users to capture RAW photos with its Expert RAW app, which is available for most of its recent flagship models. By adding Adobe’s Lightroom software into the mix on the Galaxy S23 series, the company is now taking smartphone photography to a new level. Baloglu said Lightroom will enable users to correct optical problems like distortion with specific lenses. Adobe and Samsung have worked together to bring lens corrections for all cameras on the Galaxy S23 series, including the front camera.

“We’re excited to see the continuous innovation from Samsung to deliver impressive photography experiences,” Baloglu said about the photography prowess of Galaxy S23 phones. Stay tuned for our reviews of the new Samsung flagships.

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