Street Photographer Jeffrey De Keyser Captures Humorous And Unexpected Views Of Daily Life

Street Photographer Jeffrey De Keyser Captures Humorous And Unexpected Views Of Daily Life

Belgian street photographer Jeffrey De Keyser captures humorous and unexpected views of daily life. Hailing from Ghent, Belgium, Jeffrey De Keyser is an exceptional street photographer who firmly believes in the power of capturing human experience through his lens. He uses street photography to reflect on the world and communicate his thoughts and feelings through visual storytelling.

As a street photographer, Jeffrey De Keyser views his work as a means of revealing the complexities of human experience and perception. He uses his captivating images to inspire a deeper understanding of the world around us and to create a connection between his subjects and the viewer.

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“Jeffrey De Keyser was born in 1984 in Kortrijk, a Belgian city in the Flemish province of West Flanders. He grew up in a village called Marke just outside of Kortrijk. He is currently living in Ghent and started working as a social science teacher in Brussels after graduating with a master’s degree in political science from Ghent University.

Besides teaching, his biggest passions are travel (both abroad and inside the country) and photography, preferably at the same time. These passions reflect his interest in exploring society and the human mind.”





“De Keyser has always been interested in the power of visual language as a means of communication and storytelling, but it was only in 2014 that he began to take photography more seriously when he discovered the street photography genre. And he is still in love with it today. According to Jeffrey, street photography opens up a whole new world of magical moments and untold stories. What started off as a leisure-time activity became a means of self-expression and discovery for him, which fundamentally changed his perception of reality.”





“As a street photographer, De Keyser likes to focus on the surreal and absurd condition of human existence. He sees photography as a mirror of the subconscious, as an existential inquiry into perception, as a way of questioning the Camusian conflict between the human tendency to seek meaning and purpose in life and the human inability to find any. His aim as a photographer is to portray a slice of the human condition, a glimpse of the subconscious mind through a universal visual language. His photography is strongly inspired by the surrealist movement.”




















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