Sony A7R V review | Space

Sony A7R V review | Space


Three years after the release of the Sony A7R IV, the long-anticipated Sony A7R V is finally here. At the time of its release back in 2019, the A7R IV was the biggest and baddest Sony camera out there, boasting the highest megapixel sensor of any mirrorless camera to date (a whopping 61MP). With big shoes to fill, the Sony A7R V (aka the Sony A7R 5) needs to not only match the impressive specs and performance of the A7R IV but improve on it.

We gave the A7R IV high praise in our hands-on review, and we even rated it best overall in our best cameras guide and gave it a respectable third place in both our best cameras for astrophotography and best cameras for low light photography guide. But how does the A7R V compare? What new features and specs does it have that the A7R IV doesn’t? Is it worth upgrading if you already own the A7R IV? We put it to the test to answer all of those questions.

Sony A7R V: Design

The A7R V shares the same 61MP sensor as its predecessor, but comes with a whole host of upgrades in other areas. (Image credit: Kimberley Lane)
  • We love how versatile the LCD screen is
  • Overall a very similar layout and design to its predecessor
  • EVF and LCD screen are both 63% higher resolution than the A7R IV