Sh2-216 – Andrew’s Astronomy Blog

Sh2-216 – Andrew's Astronomy Blog


I took my first two Ha images of Sh2-216 back in January 2017 and followed them up with some more in November. The initial results were shown here:

Due to the extreme faintness of the object I’d opted to use 1 hour exposures for a total of 10 hours. Initial processing was enough to show detail in the nebula but the background showed some processing artifacts.

Fast forward to September 2020 and some clear sky opportunities lead to my acquiring another 7 hours of Ha exposures. As some online images showed some OIII in the nebula as well I added 17 hours of OIII images (1 hour images) and to complete the set a further 12 hours of RGB images (20 minutes each).

To combine the images I created an RGB image and then used the PixInsight NBRGBCombination script to blend in the Ha and OIII.


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