Sennheiser’s New EW-DP Wireless Microphone System Simplifies Audio Setups for Filmmakers

Sennheiser's New EW-DP Wireless Microphone System Simplifies Audio Setups for Filmmakers


The Sennheiser Evolution Wireless Digital: EW-DP is the latest solution to simplify your DSLR or Mirrorless audio setup and provide unmatched audio quality to your video productions. The EW-DP is a fully digital UHF wireless microphone system that is purpose-built for content creators, filmmakers, and broadcasters.

Sennheiser’s EW-DP is designed to be as simple as possible while providing professional-quality audio. A compact, intelligent receiver with an innovative magnetic stacking system is at the system’s heart. This means you can stack multiple receivers on top of each other for a cleaner and more organised setup. Additionally, the receiver can be controlled remotely via the Smart Assist app.

With the EW-DP series, Sennheiser has developed a series of options to suit your needs. The series includes a bodypack transmitter for clip-on mics (EW-D SK), a handheld transmitter (EW-D SKM-S), and a plug-on transmitter (EW-DP SKP) that will launch in October. As part of the larger Evolution Wireless Digital family, the EW-DP inherits features such as the exceptionally low latency of 1.9 ms and a wide 134 dB dynamic input range.

The compact, stackable EW-DP EK receiver is the heart of the system. Its OLED display ensures optimal visibility regardless of placement, angle, or light. Three sets are available now: The EW-DP ME 2 SET has a bodypack transmitter and the ME 2 omni-directional clip-on (lavalier) microphone, while the EW-DP ME 4 SET includes a cardioid clip-on microphone for noisier environments. The EW-DP 835 SET contains a handheld transmitter with a cardioid MMD 835 dynamic microphone head.

All sets come with a magnetic mounting plate kit, a BA 70 rechargeable battery, two standard AA batteries, a locking 3.5 mm TRS to 3.5 mm TRS cable, a locking 3.5 mm TRS to XLR cable, and a USB-C charging cable for the receiver.

Sennheiser has designed the EW-DP to be intuitive and fast to set up. The system provides the reliability and consistency needed in stressful filming situations and time-sensitive working scenarios and as such the EW-DP is the first portable wireless system with magnetically stackable receivers, a user-facing OLED display, and ergonomically designed controls, all to help with ease and speed of use.

Thanks to the EW-DP’s automated frequency coordination, you can get up and running quickly. The receiver finds a free frequency (which can also be initiated via the Smart Assist app), and then the transmitter is simply synced via Bluetooth. This makes the EW-DP ideal for filmmakers who may not have a dedicated audio person on set.

If any issues should occur, the system will guide you with Smart Notifications that give tips for troubleshooting and show you where to fix a problem. The system sends alerts for audio clipping, low battery, occupied frequencies, muted transmitters, and unlinked devices – and all suggest how to solve the issue quickly.

The EW-DP receiver can be powered by a BA 70 lithium-ion rechargeable battery, two standard AA batteries, or via USB by a power bank, which is an essential feature when working on location. The exact battery runtime in hours and minutes is displayed on the receiver so that you can avoid surprises during long location shoots.

In addition, the EW-DP SKP plug-on transmitter, which will be available from October, features +48V phantom power on board, allowing it to turn any wired XLR microphone into wireless, such as an MKH 416 on a boom pole. The plug-on transmitter also has a locking 3.5 mm mic input for lavaliers and onboard recording, providing videographers with a safety copy of their audio on a micro SD card.

Sennheiser’s 5th generation of Evolution Wireless systems for filmmaking and video applications is purpose-built for content creators, filmmakers, and broadcasters.

If you need a UHF wireless microphone system that requires minimal attention, then the Sennheiser Evolution Wireless Digital: EW-DP looks to be a great choice. For more information, visit