PhotoPills app review | Space

PhotoPills app review | Space


PhotoPills is a map, a calculator and a celestial almanac rolled into one and much more besides. Photos of the moon setting behind the Statue of Liberty, the Milky Way arching across the night sky between two rock formations and a composite showing the stages of a solar eclipse; all of these photos of alignments have something in common — they were likely planned using PhotoPills. Designed to solve specific problems (hence the name ‘pills’) for photographers of all kinds, PhotoPills is particularly useful for astrophotographers and night photographers.

PhotoPills app: Specs

Operating System: iOS (iOS 11.0/iPadOS 11.0 and up) and Android (Android 4.4 and up) 

Size: 54.7MB

Price: from $10.99 (£9.49)

Although astrophotographers largely use it to find the right shooting spot on the correct date and at the right time to capture a specific event, PhotoPills is also helpful for finding the settings to take the shot, such as deciding which lens to use and calculating the exposure settings. It’s also a place to learn new techniques and to share images with a community of other users.