Photographer’s Magical Time-lapse Video Shows Still Night Sky as Earth Rotates

Photographer's Magical Time-lapse Video Shows Still Night Sky as Earth Rotates


If you are an Astrophile and love stargazing, then this video is a perfect fit for you. A photographer recently captured a timelapse video showing the Earth’s rotation and its truly unmissable. The video was posted on Twitter with a caption that read, “Photographer uses a gyroscopic camera to capture a video of the earth’s rotation.”

This timelapse video, created by San Francisco-based photographer Eric Brummel, depicts a night sky full of the Milky Way’s hazy band of stars. The clip gives a glimpse of the milky way, a sky full of stars, shooting stars landing and vehicles in the background. It’s so surreal that it’s almost dizzying. Brummel creates time-lapses where the sky is stabilized as the Earth slowly rotates.

Watch the video below:

Twitter users went berserk soon after the video surfaced online. “Absolutely fabulous. Thank you for sharing,” a user wrote reacting to the clip.

Another one was left spellbound as he wrote, “Next level astrophotography”.

A third user mentioned, “Wow wee! So therapeutic, calming and wondrous! Captivating too! Huge gratitude for sharing”.

If you can’t enough of the beautiful sky, head to Eric Brummel’s Instagram page which is replete with similar mesmerising videos and pictures.

Earlier, a timelapse of the Mumbai monsoon went viral on the internet. The video, posted on Twitter, was taken from a room in a high-rise building in Mumbai. The clip began with images of dark clouds covering the sky as traffic begins to move down a busy street. A heavy shower refreshes the area in a matter of seconds. The sky appears to have been thoroughly cleansed after the clouds have cleared. The caption read, “This 34-second video is about what happened in Mumbai around 4.30 pm in just 15-20 mins yesterday!” Watch the video below.

The video has received over 380 thousand views and numerous reactions. The sight undoubtedly captivated netizens. Many people wrote about how people should focus on environmental preservation.

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