Photographer Roy Iwasaki Captured Dreamy-Looking Photos Of Trees In Hokkaido, Japan

Photographer Roy Iwasaki Captured Dreamy-Looking Photos Of Trees In Hokkaido, Japan

Japanese photographer Roy Iwasaki captured dreamy-looking photos of trees from his hometown Hokkaido, Japan. “I love to photograph trees, especially ones in my hometown of Hokkaido (Japan). When I see a single tree standing in the middle of a vast snowfield in winter, it is like looking at a work of art created by nature. Especially these days, when I see a tree, I am always thinking about how to express the beauty of the tree. Trees are important to many different creatures.”

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#1 “Safe Haven For Ezo Red Fox”

Ten years ago, while driving through the picturesque countryside of my birthplace, Shibetsu City, I stumbled upon a scene so beautiful that I was compelled to capture it on film. It was a tree standing tall and proud in a vast snowfield, illuminated by the warm glow of the setting sun. This moment ignited a passion within me for photographing trees, particularly those in my hometown of Hokkaido, Japan.

#2 “A Couple Of Sakura”

#3 “Winter Is Gone”

Today, I make a daily pilgrimage to this beautiful region, capturing the essence of trees and their connection to the people and animals that inhabit the area. Trees have always been an object of fascination for me, not just because of their natural beauty but also because of how they exist in harmony with man-made objects. I choose to photograph during the morning or evening hours, when the light is most dramatic and the trees come alive with a certain mystique.

#4 “Stretching Fox”

#5 “Frozen Puddle”

In a world full of negativity, with issues such as war, infectious diseases, and energy problems looming large, it can often be difficult to find happiness in our immediate surroundings. Trees and animals are an essential source of healing, bringing a sense of peace and tranquility to our lives. Through my photography, I hope to inspire others to look for and appreciate the beauty that surrounds us, even in the most unexpected of places.

#6 “Moonlight And Blue Pond”

#7 “Indigo Blue”

One place that has always held a special place in my heart is the Tree of Friends, a beautiful location in Shibetsu City. I recall one particular evening, when I was standing shoulder to shoulder with a now-deceased senior photographer, capturing the stunning scenery. He called this place the Tree of Friends, and I was struck by how the trees seemed to stand united, facing the sun in unison. Sadly, the trees have since been cut down to make way for farmland, a painful reminder of the ephemeral nature of life.

#8 “Only For Two People”

#9 “Winter Of Silence”

Photography has allowed me to find solace in the natural world, and the trees have become an endless source of inspiration and joy. The morning and evening sun, in particular, hold a special allure, with their ever-changing colors and shadows. Although I don’t have any specific projects planned for the future, I will continue to seek out new ways of expressing myself through my art, taking one step at a time in pursuit of a deeper understanding of the beauty that surrounds us.

#10 “Winter Blue Pond”

#11 “The Tree Of Silence”

#12 “Sunlight”

#13 “Moon & Tree”

#14 “Conceptual”

#15 “Blue Pond Of Late Autumn”

#16 “River Tree”

#17 “One Tree”

#18 “Illuminated Blue Pond”

#19 “Blue Pond Light Up”

#20 “Tree Of Friends”

#21 “Loneliness”

#22 “Trees In The Sun”

#23 “Alone”

#24 “Lonely”

#25 “Sunshine”

#26 “Flow”

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