Photo Shows A Still Buried Mammoth Mountain, California

Photo Shows A Still Buried Mammoth Mountain, California


Here’s something that, if you’ve paid any attention to skiing news over the past few months, you probably already know: Mammoth Mountain, California, received an absurd amount of snow this winter. And to us at Powder, that’s worth celebrating.

But what does absurd winter snowfall actually look like as we move into the warmer months? Well, this. Check out June Lake Brewing’s recent Instagram upload, which shows an aerial photo of Mammoth Mountain taken by Sergio Gonzalez.

<p>June Lake Brewing&sol;Sergio Gonzalez</p>

June Lake Brewing&sol;Sergio Gonzalez

Wild, wild stuff.

Mammoth Mountain currently has a whopping 97 inches of snow, or about 8 feet, at its base area. Over the winter, the resort saw a record 715 inches of snow at the main lodge.

Due to its deep summer snowpack, Mammoth plans to remain open to skiers into July, weather and conditions permitting. Palisades Tahoe, another Californian resort, is also still offering lift-accessed skiing after a record winter.

Is it fair that Mammoth’s still buried in snow while other resorts throughout North America have been closed for months? Not really. But as a skier, you’ve got to accept that Mother Nature’s fickle when it comes to snowfall distribution.

Sometimes you’re the one getting pitted. Other times, you’re watching others get pitted from afar, hoping that your chance to enter the white room comes with the changing seasons.

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