Photo Contest Exhibition” Unleashing creativity to help protect the beauty of nature

Photo Contest Exhibition" Unleashing creativity to help protect the beauty of nature


HONG KONG, July 14, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The Nature Conservancy’s (TNC) “Nature’s Canvas: Photo Contest Exhibition” will commence in mid-July at Pacific Place. The exhibition will showcase the award-winning photographs from TNC’s annual Global Photo Contest. Just as artists use canvas to create paintings, our planet is nature’s canvas, and the photographs on display highlight this by capturing the beauty of breathtaking landscapes, intricate ecosystems, and thriving plants and wildlife. TNC hopes that this event will give visitors an opportunity to connect with the beauty and wonder of nature and learn more about the importance of environmental protection and nature conservation efforts.

The Nature Conservancy “Nature’s Canvas: Photo Contest Exhibition”

The Nature Conservancy “Nature’s Canvas: Photo Contest Exhibition”

Each year, TNC organizes an annual Global Photo Contest across six categories (Landscapes, People & Nature, Climate, Water, Plants & Fungi, and Wildlife). Participation in the 2022 contest was the highest ever, with over 100,000 entries from 196 countries. The winning photographs were selected by a judging panel made up of distinguished experts, including renowned conservation photographer Ami Vitale and the celebrated host of the YouTube channel “Brave Wilderness,” Coyote Peterson. The overall Grand Prize winner is a photograph taken by Chinese photographer Li Ping, who waited an entire night by a roadside parking lot to capture this stunning dawn scene. The aerial shot depicts a desolate road in Tibet with erosion gullies extending outwards on both sides of the road to form the shape of a large tree.

The diversity of images from around the world gave a glimpse into our fragile planet and all the life that inhabits it. The contest itself was a mesmerizing odyssey and we are left with a profound message of how interconnected all of us are and what it means to our own survival to intermingle with wildness. 
—Ami Vitale, Guest Judge

This year’s photography contest featured a new Climate category, which provided photographers with the opportunity to capture the devastating effects of climate change on communities and ecosystems worldwide and inspire hope through images of local solutions and collective action. The winning entry in this category was taken by Sandesh Kadur from India and features the Sarada superba lizard at a wind farm in Satara, India. Researchers believe the wind farm has led to behavioral and morphological changes in the lizard due to reduced predation.

In addition to the global entries, the exhibition also includes a dedicated “Hong Kong Highlights” section, displaying selected past entries from local photography enthusiasts. These photographs showcase the natural beauty of Hong Kong’s urban landscapes and serve as a reminder to the public to cherish and protect them.

TNC believes photography can help save the world. According to Lulu Zhou, Director, Strategic Partnerships (Asia Pacific) and Hong Kong Program Lead at The Nature Conservancy, These photographs from around the world show our profound interconnectedness with each other and this beautiful planet. A single photograph can reveal nature’s endless beauty but also the challenges we face. These images awaken our infinite wonder for the natural world and remind us of our responsibility to protect the lands and waters that allow future generations to inhabit the world shown in these compelling photographs and continue to enjoy the splendor of nature.

During the exhibition, TNC will provide visitors with beautifully designed wildlife postcards that they can send or display to share their love of nature in a unique and meaningful way. Visitors can write heartfelt messages about their passion for the environment and mail the postcards to themselves, loved ones, friends or family. Simply fill out the postcard and drop it in the designated mailbox at the exhibition. TNC will help mail them out. This simple act allows visitors to spread their love for nature and inspire others to take action to protect our precious planet.

The Nature Conservancy is organizing the “Nature’s Canvas AR challenge” to encourage the public to unleash their creativity. This contest combines AR technology with the beauty of nature to showcase an ideal healthy natural environment. To participate, simply visit the exhibition and position camera in front of the exhibition title board near the entrance, follow the instructions to complete your artwork, and share it to your social media platforms with the hashtag #natures_canvas and tag @tnc_hk. Don’t forget to write an encouraging message or slogan for nature. The five most beautiful and meaningful artworks will win the contest and receive a TNC environmental gift pack, which includes a custom-made woolen notebook, a set of animal-themed postcards, and a TNC environmental bag, etc. Don’t miss the chance to visit the exhibition and create your ideal nature art using AR technology.

The exhibition was made possible by generous sponsors, including L’Oréal Hong Kong, Pacific Place, and Samsung (in alphabetical order). TNC welcomes the public to bring their family and friends to experience the beauty of life through these photographs, reignite their passion for nature and the environment and take action for conservation together.

Are you feeling inspired to showcase your photography skills, unleash your creativity, and help protect the beauty of nature by joining the TNC Global Photo Contest 2023? Keep your eyes peeled for the announcement and entry guidelines to ensure you don’t miss out on the opportunity to be part of this thrilling event.

The Nature Conservancy Natures Canvas: Photo Contest Exhibition details:
Venue: Park Court, Level L1, Pacific Place (near Shiro)
Date: 13-26.07.2023
Time: 10:00 – 22:00

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The Nature Conservancy “Nature’s Canvas: Photo Contest Exhibition”

The Nature Conservancy “Nature’s Canvas: Photo Contest Exhibition”



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