Phase One launches XC medium format travel camera

Phase One launches XC medium format travel camera


Phase One has announced its most compact camera to date, introducing the medium format Phase One XC travel camera. Designed specifically with travel photographers in mind, the XC promises exceptional image quality while being portable enough to accompany photographers on any journey.

The Phase One XC’s major selling point is its convenience, achieving a blend of size, simplicity and performance that makes it possible to get medium format images anywhere, without the size and weight of a traditional kit.

The camera’s portability does not compromise its power. Built around Phase One’s IQ4 150MP digital sensor, the XC is coupled with a fully integrated Rodenstock HR Digaron-S 23mm f/5.6 lens, offering a super wide angle of view that can capture vast landscapes and other scenes in stunning detail.

Phase One highlights that the XC emphasises simplicity, allowing photographers to focus more on their process and less on adjusting camera settings. The company says the XC’s ultra-wide-angle lens ‘nurtures inspiration, providing an expansive perspective to capture the world’s beauty.’

As well as 150-megapixel resolution, the Phase One XC Camera to deliver high dynamic range and richness of colour, even in challenging of lighting conditions.

Phase One XC Price & Release Date

As one might expect with Phase One cameras, the XC comes at a steep price. The Phase One XC price tag is $62,490; however, it does come with a 5-year limited warranty, which includes unlimited lens actuations for the warranty period.

The Phase One XC is available now in limited quantities through Phase One Partners worldwide.