Personalized Photo Gifts From CanvasDiscount

Personalized Photo Gifts From CanvasDiscount


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I enjoy taking photos and videos on a daily basis. Being able to take photos and videos is something I have always enjoyed doing, even when I was little. I remember using the old Polaroid cameras to take and print out photos. Times have really changed since then. Now I normally am taking photos with my cell phone or one of my digital cameras that I have. Being able to take photos of friends and family as well as nature and so many other things, has always been something I loved doing. Since I do take a lot of photos, I use CanvasDiscount to print them out on canvases.


CanvasDiscount is a custom printing company that offer a variety of custom printing products. The personalized photo gifts are the best! They have so many great ways to make this happen. You could always do a canvas, but they offer more than that. You can get your photos printed out on a blanket, mug, puzzle, pillow, and so much more. They have a lot of wonderful options to choose from.

If you’re on a budget like me, or maybe just like buying at discounted prices, then you’ll want to check out CanvasDiscount. They offer items at factory prices. Not only are these gifts very budget-friendly, but they offer personal touches that would make for a wonderful gift for anyone. With their amazing variety of options to choose from, I’m sure you’ll find something great for gifting to someone.

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8×8 Photo Canvases On Sale For $5

I personally love all their items, but right now they have this amazing deal going on with photo canvases, so I wanted to get a bunch of canvases to hang up around my home. I absolutely love canvases. I couldn’t pass up their great deal going on to get 8×8 canvases for just $5! If you have ever thought about getting canvases, now is the time. This is such an amazing deal. Get your canvases while they are still on sale. You can also use my code LIFEWITHKATHY15 to get your self 15% off! This code is good until June 30th, so make sure to use it by then.

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I Love Canvases!

I’m in love with all the canvases I got, and I got a lot. (9 to be exact) I plan to get more soon. I’m loving the prices on these, and they are very well made too. One thing I normally do with canvases, is hang them up all around my house. The living room and dining room probably have the most photos hung up around my home. My daughters also love to hang them up on their walls in their rooms as well. With CanvasDiscount, we are able to get a lot of canvases at wonderful prices. I’ve even started just putting them up on shelving and such. I just need to prop them up and they work wonderful that way too.

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Nature Photos

I absolutely love taking photos of nature. This one photo I took with a dandelion and part of my pants. Last summer I was just walking around outside and saw some lovely dandelions. They make for some amazing photos. I decided to sit down and start taking some photos. My pants were in the way of the photo at first, but it actually turned out to look very beautiful, so I decided to take the photo like that. Now I have this one canvas sitting up with my plants because I think it looks very nice along with my plants.

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I Love CanvasDiscount

I love all of the canvases I received from CanvasDiscount. I can’t wait to start ordering more soon. They have so many wonderful products on their site. I’m very impressed with the way everything turned out. My canvases look amazing and they are very clear to see. These are definitely very well quality pieces. I will certainly be ordering more since they turned out so great and actually have affordable prices. I’m excited to get some of the other products too. I really love the blankets they have and some of the mugs. I don’t have a personalized mug yet, so I want to make sure to get those too.

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Quick and Easy Ordering

Being able to take photos and have them printed on to a canvas or other personalized items is wonderful. CanvasDiscount makes it easy for you to just pick out which photos you wanted printed out and have them delivered to your door. The process is very simple. Once you find the personalized items you want, all you have to do is upload the photos. They will take care of the rest. It’s that easy! The shipping is extremely fast too. I know my order came within days of placing the order. I love how quick they are to ship.

Don’t forget to use my code LIFEWITHKATHY15 to get your self 15% off at checkout. They have a lot of wonderful deals going on right now, so make sure to check them all out.

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